7.0.1 New Piano Roll


Hi, Folks.
Is anyone else familiar with the new piano roll?
I’m struggling with the very basics of midi editing. Even when all obvious functions selected and enabling the “paste to the track from which each event was copied” the normal function of selecting a few notes and pasting an amount, chosen from a pop-up menu, at any point on the axis is gone. This would normally be reflected on the corresponding track, which would automatically expand the selection area. But now, each paste creates a new and separate section.

Either I’ve lost the plot, or it’s broken.

Jeremy!? Flavio!?

Holding down zoom buttons no longer facilitates continuous operation.

Note length can not be edited when selected in groups.

Hi TonyR,

we’ve verified that the midi part doesn’t expand on performing multiple paste and a green area is shown on pianoroll, where inactive notes are drawn. We’re planning to fix this issue and the continuous zoom issue in the next build. A workaround for now is to manually expand the midi part on the timeline.
If you weren’t referring to this, it would be very helpful if you could post some screenshots that describe the problem step by step


Hi, Andrea.

Yes, I think you understand me correctly. Just to be clear.

On ‘some’ previous builds, as midi notes were added to the pianoroll, the corresponding timeline track section would automatically expand accordingly. Conversely, on some ‘other’ builds, I found that, I would have to manually expand the midi section on the timeline, after adding extra notes, to reveal extra added notes before I could work on them on the pianoroll. Unfortunately, your suggested workround only has the effect of creating copies, which as far as I am aware, has always been the case. This action then requires the ungrouping of each copy so that they can then be aligned to the grid.

On some previous builds, holding-down the zoom buttons on the pianoroll, would cause a continuous zooming, in or out.

On previous builds, I could drag a section/bar of midi notes from n-TD or other VSTi drum machine and drop them onto a track (timeline or pianoroll) and from there, on the pianoroll, I could copy said section and paste any number, as chosen from the pop-up box, at any point on the pianoroll, by clicking on the time axis, bringing the playline to this point and clicking paste. This no longer works. What now seems to happen, is, the midi file that has been dragged from the drum machine appears to remain in the clipboard and n will only copy this to the track. However, when a number of notes are added manually, the copy and paste function seem to behave normally.

Further to your point regarding a workaround for the lack of automatically expanding timeline as notes are added to the pianoroll. Once midi activity is in separate sections on the timeline, there is only the option to work on each section individually on the pianoroll rather than the whole track.
Also, now it would seem, that, as parts are copied and pasted to the pianoroll, this is reflected on the timeline as separate sections. This then prevents me from reopening the whole track in the pianoroll.

My apologies 7.1.0 (I’m guessing you realised) :slight_smile:


we’re fixing the problem with the continuous zoom and working on the other issues you described.
Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce the problem that occurs when you try to paste notes into a midi track, resulting in separate parts creation.
Could you post some screenshots that describe the issue step by step or a list of actions that lead to the problem?


Hi Tony,

build 3262 fixes the piano roll zoom buttons and a situation in which pasting MIDI events would not result in the MIDI part to be correctly expanded to fit all events.
We’re working on reproducing the multiplying parts problem you reported. So far the only related issue we’ve found is that the Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V key combinations don’t work in the piano roll, so if you have a part selected in the timeline below the piano roll and click ctrl+c and ctrl+v, you are actually copying and pasting in the timeline, not in the piano roll, so you may end up with duplicated parts.
Build 3262 doesn’t yet contain a fix for this, it will be in the next build. As a temporary workaround try copying and pasting using the right click menu over the selected notes.


Thanks, Flavio, Andrea.
I’ve rolled back to 7.0.3 whilst I crack-on with a couple of projects. As soon as I get time I’ll do a clean reinstall to see if I can recreate the issues.

Some progress. Not had time for screen shots but it looks like the copy and paste buttons on the main upper tool bar no longer work in a pianoroll, or if they do, I can’t figure it out. I’m either pasting notes from a previous copy and new copies are ignored. Or creating new tracks with each paste. Truth is, I’m struggling to find my way around.

But as you suggested above, copying and pasting selected notes and groups of notes, works fine. This also automatically expands the section on the timeline as a midi track progresses and as new notes are added, rather than creating new separate parts.

I’m guessing there’s an updated manual, somewhere.