96kHz 24 Bit Wave File Import

Trouble importing 24 Bit 96kHz files

I am having an issue importing files to a new song. If I use Sound Forge (MAC OS V2.5) and do a slight edit to the file (fade out for 1 second at end of file) and then save the file without any format changes the file will import into N-Track without any issues.

My question is there a specific type of wave file that N-track can not handle? I don’t believe the files are broadcast wave files since I have seen those be imported with an issue with the prompting for the offset.

Here is my setup:
Grace Designs M108 pre-amp/USB interface
Waves Tracks Live V1.3 to record the wave files.
iMac N-Track V9.02 64 bit

Sound Forge will save in any number of formats/protocols. I use Sound Forge much as you do and have had no problems with the 32 bit wave files or MP3. nTrack will handle 16, 24,32 bit “on the fly, but the Hz must be set in the Preferences - as far as I know changes outside of that will cause problems. I never use 96hz but I think you can set that in n-Track preferences. Both programs will have to use the same setting.

I think the issue is the program (Wave Tracks Live) that I am using to record the files originally. It offers two wave file formats. One is a standard less than 4GB file the other (Wave RF64) offers larger files, but I think it also adds things similar to broadcast wave files (NTrack imports those without issue) to the file. This is not the same as Wave 64. I imagine that Sound Forge handles it silently so when the file is rewritten the extra stuff is not in the file and NTrack imports without issue.

BTW Waves Tracks Live is a nice program to just record tracks especially when doing a live recording. It has a nice mixer that you can monitor (solo etc.) with without effecting the tracks being recorded. No editing to speak of. I still use N Track (since V4) for all of my editing and mixing.