98 to XP?

should i do it?

hey guys my current OS is win. 98 SE and im wondering if it would be better to upgrade to XP? I have an ASUS board pentium 3, 750 Mhz & 128 mb Ram & N-track v3. just wondering if its better?


XP (and 2000) are definitely much more stable OSs than 95/98, but they are also more hungry for processor and memory, so the upgrade would make your system crash less but run slower; a P3/750 is about the minimum processor that I would run, but I’d be sure to increase memory (if possible with your MB) to something around 256Mb or preferably 512Mb. Rather than do this, you might find it more efficient to upgrade MB/Processor/RAM together and fit these into your current case. With falling prices, you can purchase these for as little as 150 EUR here in Europe and probably less in the US.

Hope this helps.

Ta John

thanks man!


If your Win98 system is working fine - LEAVE IT ALONE!

I recently upgraded from Win98 to WinXP and my important software stopped working (everything with a “Steinberg” name on it and a few others). They refuse to run in XP but worked perfectly in 98. Patches, updates, etc., didn’t get them working again - they’re lost $$$.

Also, in spite of the comment above about XP being “more stable” my experience is that it is NOT. I think that’s marketing BS from Microshaft. I have MORE crashes and lockups with XP than I ever had from 98 and my system is very clean (clean registry, no spyware, no old files, etc.).

Other things to consider are memory (WinXP carries on the MS tradition of hogging up more RAM and disc space) and any programs you may have that use software locking “keys”. When I installed XP some of these software keys became disabled because the OS ID changed. If that software company is no longer in business or you can’t get new codes THAT software is dead also.

IMHO, if 98 ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!

I was having IRQ troubles with Win 98SE, upgraded to XP Pro and did all the suggested audio tweaks.

This is the first Microsoft upgrade since Win 3.1 where right away, I felt like it was the right thing to have done. I actually like this one better than Win 3.1 / Win 95 / Win 98SE / Win NT. It is definitely more stable with my 3 sound cards.

If you decide to do it, definitely put a minimum of 256 Meg more RAM.

My Specs:
PIII 800 Mhz CPU, 384 Meg of RAM.

Hi slowfingers and Thread:
Thanks for the “Heads-up” Post… I have this P-111 1.2 asus/intel 512 meg ram with windows '98SE and was considering an XP upgrade… It doesn’t work good, but it isn’t broke, either… I describe it as a poor working P-111… Well… The big thing with me is, I have to learn when to get my fingers out of it… :O :p


I don’t regret xp at all. much more stable, better features, and better looking :)

XP just flatout WORKS for me. I’ve yet to get a BSOD with it. 98 was a nightmare that I’m glad is over.


i too believe in if it aint broke don’t fix it slow, but i just want to try diff. options so i ask you guys for your opinions & experiences. but thanks for your reminding me and to all you there you replied thanks a lot.:smiley:


I got the bsod with my vsl2020 actually. the wdm drivers kept crashing the system… other than that, very stable

I’ve gone to XP with no regrets at all ! Rock-steady. Slowfinger must have other problems than just “XP”.

But the specs of the machine are not too XP-friendly - keep 98.

i reacently went to XP after alooong time on 98.

i use a old gadget labs 8/24 with the mostek ASIO drivers. it rocks! no problems at all. soyo MB with a amd 1800+ xp proc, 512 ddr.

XP is much better than 98 but I would recommend NOT upgrading w/ your current computer because it will slowwwww wayyyyyyy downnnnnnnnn. I ran Win 2000 on a 850 PIII and it worked but it was pretty slow (too slow for me anyways). That my $0.02.

Mr Soul

Personally I’ve never had very good results with OS or any other software and hardware that wasn’t reasonably concurrent. Obviously you can install older software on newer PC’s but I wouldn’t recommend anything more than 12 months or so adrift the other way. When I bought a 1.4Athlon I had the choice of WinME or the very brand new XP. At the time I went with ME as I had hardware with no XP drivers released. Now, I’ve just upgraded my mate’s identical machine to XP. As a clean install it went well, but there are still little gotcha’s that take time to resolve ( I didn’t e.g. realise that XP and WinMediaPlayer don’t come with a DVD playback codec out of the shrinkwrap - you have to buy one or search for a freebie, which I did). I’d go with Mr Soul. I think your PC is too old to successfully run XP. If you are after some of the XPesque things like system restore, and proper support for USB etc, you could always try and track down WinME. If you don’t fill it up with c**p shareware, I’ve found WinME perfectly stable enough (not quite the same as perfectly stable :p ) for me.


I had and still have Win 98 on my AMD1400, but after some time n-track wouldn’t start on Win 98, I think due to a plug-in problem. Anyhows I bought a copy of Win 2k on ebay for about £40, used a partition manager and got myself a dual-boot system. Now I leave all my home office type stuff on Win 98 and have ported all my audio apps to Win 2k. It is much more stable and n-track runs pretty well. I like win 2k as it is relatively ‘unbloated’ but is based on win NT for nice and stable operation. I would say you need to add to your RAM though.

Wow. This thread has piqued a LOT of interest. I’ll share my philosiphy of PC’ism and software gooey-ness. (For what it’s worth!! LOL! :D )

1) Never spend a TON of cash on the latest, greatest box. In six months or LESS it won’t BE the latest greatest anymore. Find a nice compromise of power, performance and price. Usually, you can save cash by reusing items such as hard disks and optical drives and in some cases memory modules when you NEED a faster CPU/Mobo combination. I run an AMD Athlon XP system. I have about $700 tied up in it including two hard disks and optical drives. I forsee it lasting a LONG time for my home studio. When I NEED more, I’ll yank the MOBO out and drop a new one with an AMD64 or whatever in there and reuse everything except the memory.

2) Software. This is where I have a weakness. :( I am always looking for something that works easier or faster for the task at hand. This gets me in trouble because before I know it I have bloated my system with a bunch of crap I don’t need. Win XP has been working great and I think I’ll be sticking with it for a long time. My old PIII 450 box had Win98SE on it. n-Track worked fine as long as I didn’t get too high a track count or too many plug-ins. When I reached a certain limit I had to back down, render tracks etc… Overall though Win98 bombed on me quite regularly despite my best efforts to keep it lean and mean.

My goal now: I just wiped my DAW box and re-installed the audio apps I NEED. I hope to exercise restraint and keep it clean. I would like a second system in my music room to use for internet access and Home Office chores. PC’s suitable for that are CHEAP these days. Maybe I can get a second box soon and install a KVM switch to toggle back and forth. We’ll see…


1) Never spend a TON of cash on the latest, greatest box.
I totally agree. This is the same philosophy I use when determing & updating what components I use in my DAWs.

Having said that, I needed to update the components in my recommended config:

- Intel LGA 775 Pentium 4 530 3.0 GHz
- ASUS "P5GD2 Deluxe" motherboard, 915P Chipset
- 1GB (2x512MB) DDR2 PC2-4200 (533) RAM
- RADEON X300 SE PCI Express video card, 128MB DDR

So these are not quite the latest & greatest, but almost.

Mr Soul

thanks again guys!