98SE and HD size?

PC set-up

I have an opportunity to try 98SE, and it might help the 1224 I bought to work. It’s with the earlier 324 PCI card, and it reasons in my poor head that older hardware and drivers might rather work within an older operating system.

So my local PC mechanic says that 98SE has a hard time with large hard-drive sizes. For instance, I’m using an 80G ATA133 drive with XP (it’s a Maxtor), and I’m told that would have to be broken up into smaller partitions. The HD of my Tascam 788 comes to mind- it needs the 20G HD installed in it to be several partitions. Is this borne out in any of your guys’ systems- who use 98SE?

How do you handle HD limitations in 98SE? Thanks…

The limitations come into play are Scandisk and Defrag which may not (or may ) see >127 gigs. It probably won’t see past 139 gigs on a larger drive and usually can’t see all of a 160 gig drive for instance.

Your motherboard bios and chipset control how much more you can see but your 80 gig shouldn’t be a problem. I always cut my c: drive down to around 10 gigs or so and load misc programs and especially data on another partition to speed up defraging and make backing up easier. This particular computer I’m typing on goes up to drive m!

Here’s a link to some more info: http://www.seagate.com/support/kb/disc/faq/137_win98.html

Just do a Google for “drive limitations win98se”.

Make sure you’re gonna load SE.


Hi Sloom and KingFish:
I have 80 gig. drives on these machines that have 98SE desks… And the same machines look at these drives (Dual Boot) machines… that have XP desks. '98SE desks are unable to see and deal with files larger than 2 gig. There are drives that are formated in NTFS … and FAT 32… "98SE is unable to see NTFS formatted Drives but XP is able to see both types of formatted drives… I label the drives on both desks so I know which drives to write files to when I’m working with the '98SE Desks… … on these dual Boot machines… It’s a real big Headache… ??? :;): Mark A told me soo…

Their ATA Speeds and Specs. are 100 and 8meg. cashe… and the like… mabe even 150… as well… I don’t see any issues like that Streaming files from either desk… through the Promise-T network/Set-up…


Kingfish; so you are using only 10MB of space for your music production/n-Track? But I’ll be allright with an 80Gb HD…
What file system are you using?

Wox; I’m getting that 98SE can’t see anything as far as actual files greater than 2 GB, so that’s cool for me- but my HD size is allright as 80 GB. I could also add a second HD, yes?
And I’ll have to go over to FAT32 instead of NTFS for my file system. Right? And that ATA rate…

I will now go and Google! (Of course…) Thanks for the link, 'fish, and for your time, guys.

I’m after all this because I’m thinking that my older MOTU 324 (he’s doing it again…!) could work with an older operating system. I may also have to go to another motherboard/chipset. But I can, and I might rather find a good interface and base my system around that, since sound is what it’s about here.

I realize I’m doing it backwards. :O

Allright I got some good info, and answered most of my questions between you guys and those links. Thanks again. The n-Track forum should have a theme cartoon- like the Marvel Comics League of Heroes :laugh:. Remember them?

I’d be the guy with the ill-fitting suit, the cape that’s always getting snagged on the side of a building, and who saves people purely by mistake; as he’s otherwise making a Beeline for disaster… :D

Hi Again sloom, and All:
I used to be one for partitioning drives… But that became confusing… at times. I’m one for useing two burners on the Secondary IDE Port… So if you have a sparePCI slot on your mainboard I’d see if you can find one of those StarTech Promise-T cards and see if that’ll work with no issues on your set-up… Then you can add up to Four drives, through the Promise-T card… Look for Western Digital or Segate drives at a good price… at 8 meg. of buffer and format them with no partitions… Look for 80 gig. drives… They should be the best Size/Dollar Break… Well… Buy them in pairs… so they’ll have the same ATA rateing… Buy one-or-two of those USB out-board Hard drive boxes and put the Odd-Ball drives in them for file storage use… Your Working project file/directories should appear on your On-Board Drives… That’s just some ideas to consider… That is… if your mainboard supports a set-up like that…

Check that MOTU Page for updated drivers…


Kingfish; so you are using only 10MB of space for your music production/n-Track?

NO I didn’t say that…

I’m using a 10 gig partition for the system. Look…on my Graphics computer the main Windows install is on C:\ as are the most basic and used programs. On that computer its a 5 gig partition. Other programs are installed on D:\ (This is just my preference because c:\ is never changing except for driver updates whereas d:\ may have programs added or removed.

You can run the whole enchilada on C:\ with no problema.

AND I have moved my music to a XP Computer now…and I won’t be going back.

Is the hardware you want to install only able to run on 98 or is the computer not powerful enough to run XP?


Hey! Sorry, I once again forgot to hit the track topic button. O.k, I got your partition idea now.

The thing I was trying to do with 98 was to use it to run the MOTU interface I bought. But after doing some homework on it I don’t think that’s the answer. It seems to be several issues that I’ve decided I no longer have time or money to investigate. I’m selling it on Harmony-Central, if anyone’s interested. Just bought a Terratec EWS to replace it’s incompatible ass.

I also now think it’s a good idea to stay with XP. My machine is pretty geared-up with an AthlonXP 3200+, so at this time it appears that I should stay with the present state of the art in this PC based music recording.

The Promise-T card might be an idea when I start adding drives- which I’ll surely do at some point. Storage will eventually all be on an external HD, that is if it’s true that CD’s only last two years… :)