a bit distorted sound...

I have strange problem. I record in nTrack only one track from microphone and I get a bit distorted sound. There’s no any delays and sound is good, but it is distorted. All volume settings are good. When I record with Adobe Audition everything is good (and I do not change any settings). So what’s the reason? I tried with different “Buffering Settings” in nTrack, but record sound is still distorted…

Are you sure you are not clipping? (See recording VU meter or Playback meter)


I think if you could give more information the others may be able to help you out.
For example:
What kind of “distortion” (clipping, hissing, etc.)?
In your monitor spkrs, headphones, etc.?
Your soundcard playback settings?
Ntrack VU’s (recording and playback) are they in the red?

See what I mean? Distortion is in many forms and comes from many places. With more info the people here will certainly help you out.


Volume in any Volume Meters (soundcard or nTrack) is about 1/3. I record from microphone connected to my external mixer and then line signal connected to “line in” to my MAYA 1010 panel. I record from this channel in Adobe Audition and everything is OK (16bit/44kHz). Then I record (with nothing changed) in nTrack and volume of recorded sound is the same (about 1/3) but sound have clips… I’m not beginner with recording, but I’m beginner with using nTrack…

“1/3” is a meaningless term for levels, especially since you can change the range of the meters. Forgive me, but that sounds like a beginner talking. :wink: Tell us what the numbers over the meters say – that’s how to talk about peak levels, in dB (decibels). If they’re zero, you’re probably clipping. If they’re red, you’re definitely clipping. OK, sorry for pontificating!

I suspect, though, the problem is simpler. If the output sounds REALLY distorted, it’s probably because you have n-Track set to the wrong justification mode for your soundcard. Click the hammer below the recording meters and see what the setting is. Try each of the 24-bit settings and see if one of them works well. Use the same settings for record and playback.

What you see with that hammer will depend on whether you’re using ASIO or WDM drivers, so if you post back with more questions, please let us know which type of driver you’re using. Try the other driver type if the one you’re using isn’t working.

I’ve used an Inca88 with n-Track, and I’d expect the drivers to be nearly identical, so I’m confident that you should be able to get your Maya1010 working.

I know “1/3” is a bit strange description… :) But I don’t remembered and maximum level was about -25dB. The same recording level I get during recording in Adobe Audition. I used MME (16bit) and WDM (every 24bit) and nothing changed. But yesterday I found that this distortion happen when I change frequency settings in my MAYA1010 Control Panel. Also yesterday I get the same distortion in Adobe Audition so probably it is not problem with program but with drivers… Thanx for answers!

Well, for starters, you want the maximum level to be close to zero. If you were recording in 16 bits and peaking at -24dB, you’d only be getting 12-bit recordings – you waste one bit per every 6dB below zero. With 24-bit recordings it’s not so critical, but note that the bottom 4 to 6 bits are usually nothing but noise so it’s still a good idea to try to peak a bit higher if you can without running the risk of clipping.

Hope you get your driver issue sorted out. In case you don’t already know, always load the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website rather than the ones on the disk the hardware came with, because that box could have been sitting in a warehouse for goodness knows how long.