A clue I seek!

My setup: instruments/mics into a standard 8 channel mixing board. Each channel on the mixing board is patched in channel by channel to my Delta 10/10 card. Been using this for a while with no issues. Last night, I suddenly had trouble recording some instruments/channels. Example - we overdubbed simultaneously a bass (channel 1 input), a keyboard (channel 2), and a vocal track (channel 3). All 3 channels were live and strong according to the soundcard’s mixer. So we run the track and play back. The vocals on channel 3 came out perfect. The other 2 instruments came out extremely slowed down and were basically nonsense (sounded like the “I buried Paul” thing on Strawberry Fields). After a lot of experimenting, I isolated the probelm to the channel 1 and channel 2 inputs. In other words, I plugged a mic into channel 1, recorded something, got the problem. Moved the mic to channel 2, same deal. Moved it to channels 3 - 8, and presto - no problem. It appears as though there is a major sampling issue on channels 1 and 2, although my settings appear normal. I’ve got a lot more experimenting to do but I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything like this before and could save me some time. Thanks!