A CookieFinger


cook - ie - fin⋅ger 
 [golden fing-ger] Show IPA Pronunciation

1. any of the terminal members of the hand, esp. one other than the thumb.
2. a part that shakes gesturing no, when another takes cookies.
3. the breadth of a finger that gestures come here, give me one,

when another takes cookies.
4. the length of a finger: approximately 4 1/2 in. (11 cm).
5. slang thang to gesture with.

No fooling?
Where’d you find that?

Edit: Ah - i get it. :)

coulda been Stinkfinger comin’ from Levi. :p

:laugh: Mr Airs speeks!

TomS, I innocently forgot about the center digit. There is definitely work to be done there rasputin!

NO!! That’s a ‘Free Bird’ yer talking about there. Let’s not git our fingers all confusered.

Mr. Airs…is it now.
A punk now Mr Airs.

Geez Poppa your stock is just like Wall Street… :p You any relation to Rodney Dangerfield?


Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jan. 27 2009, 9:59 PM)

Mr. Airs.....is it now.
A punk now Mr Airs.

:laugh: your the one that keeps refering to yourself as an *OF, the sent*, or of the sent. lol
I'm just milkin it for all it's worth
Mr Airs :agree:
:laugh: freebird, with a mind of it's own!