a couple covers

Hi All
Here are some covers of some tunes. I posted these so you can here the effects I just bought. They are the voxengo analog flux suite. These are really great plugs and cheap too.
We put the four tunes down in an hour and it shows sometimes :D We recorded these live for a demo to give the agents for frat gigs :) Hope you like them.





The clarity of these songs is amazing. Nice job. What setup did you use for recording? You said it was live. Just wondering how you did it. How many channels can you run at once through your soundcard?

Here are some blues cover songs that my band did live.

We played though amps and just mic’d the room with three mics. For vocals, we went though the PA and had a mic in front of the speaker to catch the live sound. I put vocals in one channel and the other instruments in the other channel but of course there was some crossover in the channels.


Hey Sax
Thanks for giving a listen! Hopefully my live comment didn’t mislead anyone. I was referring to the fact that there are no overdubs. I have two recording studio setups. One is an old house (1854) that I use the whole basement for tracking and the other is where I recorded these. It is a 30x50’ basement that is all open. All mics are going into a soundtracs solo24 board(600.00 on ebay and a couple of bottles of contact cleaner):slight_smile: and I bus the drums & bass to two tracks, two guitars get two tracks and vocals get two tracks. When I record other bands I use my alesis hd24 which is a 24track recorder but on these I went into my emu 1820 which gives me 8 tracks and bussed everything down to six of them. My drum mics are akg d112(kick)-oktava mk219 top snare-shure sm57 bottom snare all toms are sm57-cymbal overheads are akg 535eb-guitars are oktava mk219-bass is direct-vocals are akg c1000,rode nt2 or nt1,cad e200,stedman n90 or rca 77 ribbon mic ( it depends on who is singing lead ) Hopefully some of this info is usefull for you :)
Your cuts sound great!!! I love to hear brass in music(I was a trumpet player but I gave it up for stringed instruments) I’d love to hear some more of your cuts! Do you ever do any straight jazz, maybe some coletrane or something along those lines? The cuts that you posted have that raw emotion to them and most of the time that really works as it did with those. Keep up the great work and I would love to hear some more!!! Thanks again

Thanks for the comments Jeromee. I am just starting to get into recording and am learning quite a bit with the help of this forum. We are using those live recording to help book some gigs at better places (ones that don’t use chicken wire :p).

I like jazz but at this point am not good enough to do it on sax. I have played trumpet since age 12 (now 41) but just started on sax in January. Our sax player quit the band and with the name Sax Appeal we kinda needed a sax player. We do it three or four piece so I decided to try it.

I will post more of mine when available.

Here is one I posted a while back. It is an original instrument.



A good wide selection of songs, well recorded and the instruments/vocals at good levels and clearly defined. With this as a demo, I think you’ll get a lot of gigs.


Thanks guys, for the encouraging comments. If the band can just get past them yelling for freebird, then we would be alright :D

I tried your link but it wouldn’t load. I was away from the computer for a couple days, but I’d like to hear it.
Here is my bands site:
Thanks again guys for giving a listen!

Sorry. I forgot the .mp3 at the end of the link


When someone yells “Freebird” or “Skynyrd” give it to them in your own style. When people yell it at us we do it on keyboard and sax eventhough we could do it with guitar.

Certainly makes it fun for us!

SaxAppeal :cool:

Hey Sax
The tune sounds great! Nice playing!!! Did you do the sax also, or just the trumpet? I tried picking up my trumpet about 5 years ago but my lips were shot :( It had been about 15 years. I was always 4th chair anyway :D
The only thing I would like to hear a little more of is the snare drum, but that is just my tastes. As you can tell in my tunes I always mix the drums hot. I know rock is a little different from jazz but regardless I like drums in the mix. Keep up the great work!!!
My band refuses to play any radio tunes, so needless to say we can really clear the house:D When they yell for skynard we always say go to **** we don’t play any! :D
It looks like we will in the future although it will be rockabilly style :D

Yeah. On that Road to Spain song, I played everything except for the drums. I used PC Drummer. Played trumpet all through highschool (graduated in 1981) and started sax 11 months ago.

We only occasionally do originals in my band. We play local bars and they want to hear country and classic rock covers.