A couple of new tracks

Please check out the new tracks i have uploaded and let me know what you think.



Thank you for sharing your work.

Great ideas.

I reviewed your songs and have some comments.

Watch out for noise, there is a lot of it in your recording. Im not sure if this is intentional or not.

The fret noise effect that you have going on the first song is an interesting attempt, but the fret noise is very loud and it gets annoying after a while, so I would try to bring down those parts.

Overall I think you have a good blueprint of your ideas to then go back later on and spend time recording them in a more acoustical enviroment.

Good luck

Hey thanks for listeningā€¦

I agree there is too much hiss on the recordingsā€¦I must mic the guitar closer I think.

The fret noise is right too. I recorded that at night with house mate asleep so had to play quiet and turn it right up, hence the unintentionally loud noise!

Many thanks for taking the time.