A couple of questions/problems...

questions about n-track

Yesterday I downloaded the evaluation version of n-track 4. Wow, what an amazing piece of software selling for such a small price! I’d definitely buy it if it weren’t for two important shortcomings:
1) the lack of a “tempo view” function, something that allows you to “draw” a tempo line like Sonar does. This feature is essential for those who (like me) want to emulate those little tempo fluctuations of a real band playing live. Entering the tempo changes one-by-one, like n-Track does, is something of a chore, and it isn’t actually useful to produce linear, smooth tempo variations. A function like this would make this already very good product and excellent one. Any possibilities to include it in future versions?? Please???
2) I couldn’t get the programme to work with LiveSynth Pro (it’s a DXi that loads soundfonts). Maybe I did something wrong here, but I couldn’t get it to work (other VSTi’s and DXi’s worked beautifully, I must add).
Finally, I’d like to congratulate Flavio for making such a wonderful piece of software available for such a small price. Complimenti, amico! As soon as n-Track implements the function described in 1), you’ll have me as a loyal user.


I have never known a more customer-conscious software developer than Flavio. Perhaps you could email your ideas to him directly and get his input on it. He may not notice it here for a long time.

Frankly, I have never had a need for the tempo features that you discribe and I can’t understand the value of it. Are you trying to correct for normal tempo variations in the song? Or overall bad timing on the part of the musicians?

Just one n-Tracker’s opinion. Let’s see what others may say. I would rather see Flavio work on other features rather than concern himself with less important issues right now.


I know exaclty what he wants. That is a great tool for doing retardandos and fermatas. Personally, I use a separate MIDI sequencer for the bulk of my MIDI sequencing and then import the MID file into n-track. N-track is sooooo easy to use, it is not worth my time to do it any other way. You may want to check out JazzWare for a free sequencer that will work very well with n-track and has tempo draw within it. Even if you want to sequence in N, import the sequence to JazzWare, edit tempo, and then bounce it back to n-track, the time you spend doing that will be saved many times over with how quick and easy things are in n-track. For less than $100 you have a full blown DAW this way.

I agree – more options for setting tempos would be great.

Bubba, thanks for the pointer. Nice to know there’s a “workaround”, but too bad it more than doubles the price.

Doubles the price? JazzWare is free, check it out.

Oops, sorry – careless reading. I’d thought I’d read that it was under $100, but no. Thanks again!

JazzWare is not for XP I think - couldnt get it installed, but installed ok on '98 – I don’t know if the version named “nt” would work for XP …

Quote (Don Gaynor @ Sep. 14 2004,08:56)
Are you trying to correct for normal tempo variations in the song?

Exactly. The idea is to achieve recordings that sound as close as possible to the real thing. And a real band doesn't play in perfect tempo all the time. yeah, I know you can insert tempo changes in n-Track, but "drawing" them in a dedicated tempo editor (a feature I'd like to see soon) would make this task a lot easier and quicker. Anyway, as I said earlier, n-Track is a fantastic piece of software just as it is.

I believe Power Tracks Pro Audio has this function. I haven’t used it in a while, but the MIDI functionality is really great (the audio part can’t compete with nTrack, though!) I haven’t done much MIDI lately, but in the past I would do my MIDI work in PTPA and then import the MIDI file into nTrack. It was only $29, but it may have gone up recently. PG Music


Oops, I screwed up the link. It’s www.pgmusic.com

Yes, powerTracksPro has notation.

It was $20 when I bought it about 3 years ago. I never use it, though, except when n-Track won’t import MIDI due to stuff it doesn’t understand, PTP will and after I export it from PTP then n-Track will read it. (This happens for .mid files from my Ensoniq synth, for example. No problem with real-time MIDI data from my synth, just the files.)

Hello All!

Upon reading this thread I tried installing the “nt” version of Jassware and can report that it does run under XP. Now as to the suggestion of Power Tracks Pro, I d/l the latest version 9 and installed it, but I have been unable to test or hear any of the included demo songs as I keep getting the following error and program freezes: “access violation in 000000 . . . dxirewire.dll . . .” Upon further research I find that this file is in the n-track program directory of both 3.3 and 4.0. So I don’t know if I can get PTPro to work with n-tracks. PGMusic Support said that PTPro is not yet compatable with ReWire. Can anyone tell me if this function can be turned OFF in n-tracks or would it be wise to just delete the offfensive file without causing problems in n-track? I’m fairly new to n-track and would appreciate any input as I’m trying to input my Yamaha P200 keyboard into n-tracks via Midiport 2x2 interface without any success. Thanks to all.