A couple of songs mixed on N

Hi from Stratford upon Avon everyone

Been away a long time and have just rebuilt me little studio so looking forward to getting some tracking done. Here are a couple of originals (ctry rock) that I recorded a while ago on my Tascam 2488 and mixed and mastered using n-track.
Feel free to critique. Cheers Barry

Bandcamp Page

I’ll take it they’re perfect then… :)

Hi barryMK:

Thanks for posting that link…
Great songs…
The guitar solo on Maybe the Lady is great…
However, just a bit Out-Front and somewhat to the >right> on the repro setup I heard it on…
Nice songs


Great sound, Barry - good tunes, nice mix.

I promise to listen tomorrow afternoon, but, yes, they are perfect!!!

Thanks for the responses guys. Bill the whole guitar thing on Maybe was a rush job and you’re right about it. The twin guitars were by me and I’m wondering if they’re just a tad out of pitch? I now have a shiny new baby Marshall amp and a much better mic (A RED 5)and the old Antoria tele has just been serviced by my friend Lance Perkins down in Evesham Worcestershire so I’ll re do those and reposition Desy’s solo. Nearly got the studio re-cabled now and the new acoustic window is on order so I’ll try out the new toys on it soon. Glad you liked the songs. You’ll see I was optimistic and put them up for purchase but I’m not expecting to get rich just yet. Tom you’re even more right than the others…

Quote: (barryMK @ Aug. 09 2010, 8:57 AM)

I now have a shiny new baby Marshall amp

Describe that New Marshall Amp you got..
They're making some pretty nice amps, these days..
They make a single 12" 15 watt valve amp..
So Nice..
It has a pair of EL 84's/6BQ5's in it..
Well, it's several years old now..

Just a beautiful tracking amp..

Is that the new amp you got ????


Hi Bill

It’s a baby 15 watt job Marshall MG15
Being a bass player and definitely not a guitarist it’s more than adequate for me and has a great tonal range. Two channels clean and dirty and very compact. 1x8" speaker that knocks out an amazing level of volume for its size.

Cheers Barry