for Flavio

OK - i add three samples to a track - one of them is a ghostly guitar, (its the first sample in the track)- i want to make this guitar sound like IRISH PIPES, so to do this i open the tracks properties box and change the samples speed to .5 (half speed) as i have slowed down playback of this sample by half, the length of the sample has doubled, this is correct, WHAT IS NOT CORRECT is that the extended sample has now slid under the ajoining sample - the opposite would happen if i changed the playback speed to x2, here the sample would have shortened to half its size - this would have left a gap between samples -

can we please have RIPPLE EDITING whereby all the samples to the right of the one altered move accordingly and so no samples are under another and no gaps appear -

ALSO - on my SLOW PC - when i stop playback during a song it takes an age for the play button to be released - three things happen
1… CPU use hits 100%
2…Windows (2k in my case) completely locks up (CPU USE FREEZES)
3…there is another 100% spike and then N releases the play button -

for the aid of everybody could you bundle two of the most important AND FREE apps with N _ CPUmon is the best thing i have ever used for seeing what goes on (not just in N but for all Windows applications -
and the DPClat program that shows up all of the PC/Laptop faults that prevent N (or any other app from working correctly) -

i am sure the people at CPUmon would let you build it into N as a permanent feature which would be a godsend to all and stop a lot of peole moaning about N when its not Ns fault - CPUmon shows all CPU activity including what Windows is using, you van clearly see when you are about to run into trouble from to many tracks or too little anailable memory and YOU CAN SEE exactly when Windows buts in and spoils the party -

YES i know we already have a CPU use meter BUT it does not show memory use and is VERY VERY VERY slow in updating itself -

lastly when changing from one build to another MUTED INDIVIDUAL PARTS are not remenbered, this happens when a song from build 2410 is opened in 2411 -


That is exactly what I was telling Flavio all summer during the beta’s (the slow stopping/momentary freezing)…and My pc is not slow…things seem to be better now but not with wdm drivers…I still have to crank the buffer all the way up on my asio drivers (delta 66) to get them to record without popping…not a problem since I monitor via hardware but N should be able to run much lower…this is obviously an issue with my drivers and N since all other audio programs run with much lower latency/buffering…I have tried about 5 different drivers from M-Audio and none work any better…I may save up some $$ for a new interface but it will be a while…