A Drumming problem



I started learning drumset around 6 month ago as our church drummer went to university and I thought I’d give it a bash - lol!

Things have been going well but I’ve come across a bit of a problem. I recently bought a Pearl H-2000 hi-hat stand but I doesn’t go down far enough in relation to my snare. (I play open-handed so I want the hats just about level with the snare).

My temporary solution has been to raise everything else to the lowest hat level. This is all well and good but it’s meant that my drum stool is now very high. At first I didn’t think this was a problem but I’m finding it more difficult to play some kik drums pattern that I had no trouble with before and, I’m getting back pain problems too.

What I want to know is how to cut down the outer hi-hat pipe to enable me to lower the hats.

Does anyone have any experience of this?



I use an old Dremel tool that has an abrasive saw attachment. It basically a disk that grinds through just about anything. It’s much quicker and easier than a hack saw. It doesn’t put any pressure on it so there’s little chance of the tube bending out of round.

A possible necessity that might not be easy, depending on the hi-hat, is what part needs to be cut off. The top locking collar on the bottom half may need to come off - cut off the top of the tube and replace the collar. That was easy with my old Tama hardware. IT will not be easy to remove if it’s spot welded on. I tapped it with a hammer - short even taps all around and it popped right off (actually due to poor Tama construction back then). After cutting off the tube I tapped the collar back on. There had been a small C pin in there to hold it secure, but through the years it had come loose and was long gone. I put a properly sized sheet metal screw in there and a little metal mender and all was good for the next 20 years.

I cut off the rod that the top hi-hat cymbal clamps to as well, just because it was sticking up about a foot after the lowering.

One problem that came out of this was the nut were the top and bottom center rods were screwed together. I didn’t take into account were that was and it ended up being right where the lower tubes locking collar was. Occasionally the nut would hit in on the inside since it wasn’t always perfectly centered, causing the hi-hat to get stuck closed. a little bending to center it would fix the problem, but it was trouble waiting to happen if the rod got a little bent during transport-setup-tear-down. We were full time for a long time and I had to keep an eye on it.

I also drastically modified the Tama hi-hat so that it hat two legs sticking out away from me and the under part of the foot pedal acted as the third leg. Yes, I removed one leg and turned the whole thing around, changing it so the foot pedal stuck out the other way. That style is a popular style these days, but was none existent years ago. It took some doing and a few re-brads.

Drum Workshop hit-hats are made so they can go a lot lower. If cutting off the tube doesn’t work too well you may want to check into that brand.

Thanks Phoo,

I had a quick go at getting the top locking collar off but to no avail - I didn’t try too hard for fear of damaging the tube. I think I’ll try dismantling the whole thing and see if it’s possible to cut the bottom of the tube.

Good point about the joint of the centre rods; I’ll check that out too. Will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again.


PS If anyone has actually done this mod. with a Pearl H-2000 I’d be very interested