A European who understands Americans...

Now here is a European who has got Americans figured out.


…at least he seems to understand them as well as I do these last few years.


maybe he got so smart by makin believe he was suckin off his lead guitarist? hooray for the queer lymey

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Wow, guest, I think that you hit it on the head. How can the US lose in the eyes of the world when its citizens make such insightful and enlightened comments? And heck, I bet even Thomas Jefferson would have been completely bowled over if he were still around.


Damn… if I saw this johnny guy… i’d probably have to shoot him…

that is… before he was able to shoot me…

Nothing to be afraid of,

I’m not an American, I just play one on TV.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:


Good post. This is Bowie at his best. A brilliant take on paranoia. There are few musicians that I would acknowledge as a genius but Bowie is one of them!


Bruffie ( limey, but not necessarily queer :p )

Here’s another European.

OK, Dudley Moore isn’t Bowie, but he’s very similar, and so is this song.

Sort of. :D