A ? for those using Emu 1820/m


A question for those using the Emu stuff, mainly the 1820 or 1820m. In the preferences dialog, which settings do you use as the mixer, sndvol.exe or the creative patch mix.exe. I didn’t know which one would have an advantage over the other because they both work with all of my drivers using asio/wdm at 24/48. Any ideas? I am running 24 tracks at 24/48 using about 7 vst plugins and my cpu is around 40%. Would either setting have an advantage over the other in using less cpu?

I don’t know about the effect on CPU usage, I just leave PatchMix sitting there on the Taskbar where one click will pop it up for any adjustments needed. I don’t think I have anything specified in n-Track preferences for “Sound Card Mixer”.

Works for me…