A good sounding mix of an inprov jam.

How clean should clean be?

Recorded by polling intrest from professional musicians this is/was an hour and a half project from start to finish exercising the rights to test track the abilities of N-track Studio for production and our abilities to think on the fly. One track per instrument, one take, one mix. Enjoy and any coments welcome.

Little Farm

Brian Ralph Mead
(did you ever notice how latex paint sticks to a guitar after you throw it as hard as you can against the wall?)

It’s been a while since your post, and no one has offered any comments. True to my effort to be a better community member this year, here’s some feedback.

I won’t lie to you, Brian, this was a tough listen for me, mainly, I think, because my ears weren’t able to latch onto a beat or rhythm - explicit or implied - for a full 5 minutes. It might be there but my ears never “got it”. I understand that this was an improv jam. If you’re jamming a lot without a drummer or percussionist, have you considered looking into a software session drummer? I can personally recommend jamstix, though I’m sure there are others. Even if you remove the drum sounds when you’re finished, I think more of an implied rhythm would be left in the mix. Just my two cents - if you want a more mainstream listenable jam. Maybe that isn’t what you’re going for.

Sonically speaking, I think your n-Track test was a success. There’s clear separation and space between the instruments, the recording sounds clean, and the mix sounds right.

Looking forward to hearing what you do next with N.


Thank you HotDogWater. Is was a tough thought to post it as a song. In my moment of thought I needed to share with the many frustrated musicians that sonic technics can be reached with just a little EQing and very little delay and forgoing all other FX execpt practice practice practice! It’s like Grampa Joe(Joe Wash) once said " If you can’t string it to stay in tune you’ll never be able to play it ". And my favorite quote came from my cousin David (the guy in Pink Floyd) " Mead, you don’t have any idea what goes on in the real world ". But I guess that is because I have made my choices with my heart and not with my heads. Timing is not everything if your not listening. TO DO WHAT ONE DOES IS NOT TO DO WHAT ON DID.

Brian Mead
Previously the Scrouge in E Ville