A Little T Rex from Steveaudio

My first single, have no remebrance of that one, my first LP, Paul Revere and The Raiders ‘Kicks’. I mowed like 20 yards to get the money, only to be let down by the LP, twas a learning curve for me!

Then it was on to 8-track tape! Oh yes! :p

Quote (YazMiester @ Mar. 02 2007,07:20)
Then it was on to 8-track tape! Oh yes! :p

Yeah, my kids are fascinated when I show them vinyl... "are those big CDs dad?". Not sure what they'd make of 8-track tapes.

Got my kid a turntable for Christmas. He actually asked for it. Now I’m going broke from him grabbing vinyl off of eBay. Oh but they do sound good. Plus I get to play my old LP’s! :)


I remember listening to Tower of Power and Return to Forever on 8 track… what a waste of good music… :D