A Little Taste of Me

Well, You Can’t Really Taste Music…

I posted here a while back when I was just plugging my electric guitar into my computer, using MIDI drums, and using the evaluation version of N-Track. I’ve come a long way since then (I like to think), so I figured I would give you guys a MySpace link to hear my stuff - review it, just listen to it, ignore it, whatever you want. Right now, I would suggest clicking on a song other than A Song for Valentine’s Day, because that was just a dirty recording of a song that I wrote quickly. Nonetheless, if you like the music, feel free to check back periodically, because I’m constantly writing and fairly constantly recording.



I hope you don’t think everyone is ignoring you.
I’ve tried to listen to your song several times, but the myspace page simply does not list any music for me.
Maybe it’s my browser settings or summat, but there’s nothing to listen to on that page.

Hang on, it may be because I have flash turned off. I’ll give it another go…


yeah,i got no plays,too-somethings wrong with your player(i have myspace too)
i dl’d the songs-good work!i like all i need-good playing,i like the song,good addition of the 2nd vox.maybe a little more focus on the vocals(up in the mix?)i used to live in okc and we’d go to norman to see conway twitty’s swimming pool…
check myspace.com/audiobru-i’ll link you over there-keep on writing!