A new song

glad to get it out of my system

This song has been bothering me for a couple of weeks - glad to get it out of my system. I think the bass is too loud, but I’m too lazy to fix it right now.

A Hamady sack or bag is a regionalism for a paper grocery bag, BTW.

My Hamady Bag - click here!

As always, thank you for listening!

oh - one interesting note - the drums were recorded with a pair of those K-micro micsm which are a total steal for 30 bucks for the pair. - here:


Ha! I got mine for 5 bux each! Nah-nah! :p

They are sweet little mackerel-phones aren’t they? Secret weapons I call 'em. Don’t let word get out too much or the price will go up…


PS Nice job Tom! Another great one from ‘The Spademan Hit Factory’. I am sooo jealous… no wonder I can’t find the muse… Tom has a LOCK on it! :p

Well, these are the NEWER, HIGHER SPL models, so there!
Although I hear tell the first 1,000 sold for a buck each or something.
anyway, a steal at a buck or 5 or even 15.

I dunno, I kept waking up with this song in my head, and had no time to exoricse it in the last two weeks.
And worse yet, today, my day off when the kids were supposed to be in school, was a snow day, and I was glum, but my wife kindly let me have a couple of hours in the basement.

So on to other songs.

But many thanks for listening and the kind comments, D!

Hey Tom, Just got round to this.

Great, fun, song. I just know I’m gonna be singing it all day know.

Love the keyboard instumental around 1.08. Infact the keys are great throughout the whole song.

Y’know, I could really hear a girl singing this.

Great harmonies. Really “happy” sounding.

Any chance of a little snippet of the drums on their own? Would like to hear those mics working :slight_smile:


Haven’t you received your mics yet?

Noooo. Stuck in customs somewhere I expect. :frowning:

Just arrived on my desk. Yippee!

Reimbursement is in hand.


Great song. The beat had me boppin my head along with it. Was that a Farfisa I heard?

Almost a Farfisa - it is the Wirli 7300, Wurli’s answer to the Farfisa and the Vox Continental in particular - actually preferred by the discriminating users for its fuller sound. :D

here’s a picture:
Wurli 7300