A new wonderfull plugin...

only that i can understand for what

Hi frineds. Reading the news, i found this thing:
my technical english is not the best, i wonder if anyone understand what´s the purpose of this thing and can xplain me simplier.
BTW, it´s freeware.

it’s a plugin that copies plugins basically.

if you have a good sounding distortion/overdrive plugin, you can send an impulse (a chunk of noise) through the plugin and THIS plugin records how it sounds. Then when you run a sound into the plugin- it applies that recorded impulse’s eq and such to the new sound.

honestly, I’m not sure what good it does if you already own the distortion/overdrive pedal you want to use. If you get this new plugin though, someone could make an impulse of THEIR plugin and give you the impulse-then you’d “have” that plugin too.

It must be really wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that the author’s taken it down due to a potential patent conflict.


(… so, were you able to download it before this happened? :;): )

Something like SIR but not only for reverb if i understand … if the thing works like guitars69 says i believe that maybe it will have legal conflicts like arch mentions. Arch, do you read in some place about this issue?

Quote (marce @ Jan. 30 2005,10:45)
... Arch, do you read in some place about this issue?

If you go to the author's "My Programs" page


... and scroll down to VST, you'll see the notice.

It doesn’t read like english is this fellow’s first language either…

Quote (Willy @ Jan. 30 2005,12:25)
It doesn't read like english is this fellow's first language either...

but i catch you in this one Willy :D
im slow too, sorry

I feel like a fool since i cant found the place where the pages says it


Dynamic Convolution Plugin
I have read, that there is a patent on this technology, so i stopped publishing this, until i have talked to a lawyer!

quoted from another site.
Is not the first time that some sites have a version of their webpage for USA&angloworld and another one for the rest of the world.
The page that arch sends me simpley dont say nothing about a legal thing.
This is what the page i see says under that plugin:
Dynamic Convolution Plugin new
Plugin and plugin profiler for analysis and simulation of nonlinear processes, found in Amps for example. Not (yet) capable of simulating Dynamics such as Compressors, etc.
Aditional note: The plugin is only a proof of concept plugin. If you have any questions, then please send me a mail. The basic source code is currently also available at the delphi section. Btw. the profiler has a serious bug and do not work correctly for some plugins!!!

All this to say that im slow, but only slow… :D

Maybe the old page is still cached in your browser. Go to the link again, then hit the Refresh or Reload button on the browser, while holding the [shift] key at the same time.

I just checked this page again, and the author has made another change - he added a link to a patent he thinks he might be in conflict with.

Sorry, that i have published this too early. I should have read something more about that topic, but i was too curious.
Anyway, the plugin and the profiler have a bug, which avoids working correctly.
The plugin was just a proof of concept for me and also an example, how easy it is to work with my VST Plugin wizard. The first version was written in aprox. 1 hour and came with the source code. Another 2 hours later, i have written the profiler. And after two days i read about the patent :frowning:

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