A nice and handy freebie app.

3M’s ‘Post It Notepad’ for computer

I recently downloaded this applet and have found it indispensible for most work (including DAW). Its the computer version of sticky notes that are so handy. When your clipboard is full and you wish you could grab a couple of more links, just click on the icon and a mini notepad will pop up. Click again to open another note, etc.

When you are in the midst of something important and get a thought you want to save, just pop open another note and write it down. Your notes are auto-saved and will still be there after a re-boot.

The icon can be configured to always be on top so no hassles in finding the app, it’s always available. The free version allows cut & paste to other documents and you can print any/all of your notes.

It’s found here:


The download of the free version will start when you click on the above link.