A nice day to spend in the basement

here’s another song. :slight_smile:

"I Hear What You Say"

I think lossy formats suck, BTW. All my recordings sound so much better in full 16.44. :p

Anyway, here it is:

I Hear What You Say

I actually sort of like the way it fades out, if you can stand to listen that long.

I’m with you on the lossy formats - especially all the way down at 128k. 256 isn’t quite so bad. But heck, I guess whaddawe want for free… :)

I enjoyed that. I like the way it builds and the rhythm guitar gets more pronounced at the end (is it even there in the beginnng?) Hey I’ve noticed some of your songs are starting to carry an album name “The Guitar’s an Antenna”. Cool name. You making a CD?

PS - I got an “error loading songfile” when I tried the streaming versions. The MP3 downloaded/played fine.


You’ve really developed a kind of signature sound. This is another good song from you. One of your best I think. Like Hotdog, I love the way the guitar builds towards the end.

You really manage to get a beautiful sound from your guitars, and as for the drums… you really get a beautiful sound from your guitars :D

Time for the album mate, you have a wealth of very good material!

Hey, just say it, the drums suck! I totally know that! :D

Just give me another 5 years…

Actually, they don’t sound that bad in full 16/44, although the is no real life to them, but what’dy’a expect from a guy who is learning from “drumming for idiots”! I’ve been seriously considering taking the better songs, and getting one of those session guys who will do it for 100 dollars or whatever per song.

Anyway, it’s like I said a while back, it’s just a form of meditation, with a product of sorts left over. Truth is, I’m having a ball. And you guys are so nice about it.