A Question about User Guide 1.95

Any way to re-format the pages?

Hi All,

I’d like to print out the version 1.95 User Guide, but it is 162 pages long. I have a printout of the previous version 1.51, which was 91 pages long. I notice the pages of the new version are formatted so as to fill up only about half the page…not sure why that was done. Is there any way to condense this new version, so the printout would be similar to the previous one?

I searched this forum but had no luck. Sorry if this has been discussed previously.

I guess I could piecemeal it, bit by bit, into Word, but that seems pretty tedious.

Thanks for any help!


I think you may have Adobe PDF reader setting wrong - the manual shows full pages for me. There might be a way to get more than one page to print on one paper, but it would get hard to read.
a couple of things you Might not know, pardon me if you already know these.
Open the file from your computer or on line and go to the index, click on the listing for the inofrmation tha you want to view and the program takes you there quickly. No thumbing for the right page. If you hate to read from a computer screen, print the page or pages you want -
At the lower menu on the Reader Program is a box where you can type a page number to go there.
Probably a great deal of the manual you have already studied, printing the whole thing is going to include a lot of pages you already have - I’d just select the ones I really needed.
Fimally, are you planning to use version 6 when it comes out? I am willing to bet a new manual will be required.
Hope this is useful.

Hi, Bax,

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate that.

I am intrigued by your comment about your being able to see full pages. Is your manual less than 162 pages?

As a specific example: Page 3 is the first page of the Table of Contents, and lists chapters up to 2.3, which is shown as being on page 40. Is yours different from this? There’s plenty of room on the page to show a lot more data, but for some reason it seems the top and bottom margins are extra large.

If your Adobe Reader settings show the complete manual in less than 162 pages, I’d sure like to understand the difference, so I can change my settings.

When I check File/Properties in Adobe Reader it shows the file as being 162 pages long.

I appreciate your advice about the links from the Table of Contents, and I think it’s a great idea, having those links. I guess I’m just one of those people who likes a printed manual. I like to make notes on the pages…that type of thing.

If there is no way to re-format this document, I’ll just have to learn to live with it, and I’ll probably follow your suggestions to print out just what I need. That makes a lot of sense to me.

Not sure if I’ll go to Version 6.

Thanks, Bax, for your help.


There are 162 pages. You should be able to see them and print them as one page at a time. The pages seem to be set up as one topic per page and that may have added to the number. Of course, a great many features have been added… .
Unfortuantly, unless you have Adobe Acrabat I don’t think there is a way to reformat the pages other than bring them into another Word Processor program by cut and paste. Adobe does not control the PDF format completely as they once did and other programs might work, but Acrabat is the expensive, traditional choice. To do copy and paste effectively try Snagit from Techsmith.com. You could copy several pages at once and bring them into the processor, but they will come in “frames” and editing out space is a bear. And moving the space is ablut all you can do without using even more software. The PDF format was created to make small files that were protected by design - not designed for others to edit.
I also prefer to read a paper manual, but I am learning to use the “paperless” approach. It really does work well, and as I said, you can always print out pages you need to study. Perhaps, this process has gotten easier for me since I started using two monators. I can put the instructions on one screen adn the program on the other and follow along quite well.


Perhaps, this process has gotten easier for me since I started using two monators. I can put the instructions on one screen adn the program on the other and follow along quite well.

Now that's an idea! I think I'll look into that. I have an extra monitor, so I guess I could do that.

Thanks for the idea, Bax! I really don't want to re-format the whole document. And even though I prefer a hard copy, I don't think printing out 162 pages is a good idea. I'll have to learn to use the "virtual" manual.

...but I like your idea about the second monitor.