A question from a newbie

Hey, here goes. When I first got n-track, I opened a window that let me edit the wav. files. It had 3 small red circles and I could move them around the window and it would change the levels of the track. I have no idea how I got there, and I can’t get back. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, I would appreciate a reply. Thankx

Sounds like the EQ window.
Double click on one of the EQ knobs for the track you want to EQ.


Rich has your answer…

What sounded like level adjustments were adjustments in frequency and that seemed like volume changes.

There’s a Paragraphic EQ on each channel, on each AUX, and on the main channel. Use EQ to change the tonality of the track.

The latest version of N also includes the plugin version of the Paragraphic EQ for free. The plugin version is used in a similar way as the channel version, but it’s especially handy in that you can place it before or after other effects.

The EQ and Compressor plugins alone justify the cost of N.

You can read more about using N’s EQ HERE.