A repeatable crash...

Of course, N-Drums involved.

I’ve started looking at build 2099 and have run into a problem with the multi-band compressor shipping with N now.

I have a single midi track controlling N-Drums, and have tried adding the multi comp on the ndrums track, and one of the aux tracks. Both to no avail.

I can add it, and pick a preset. I can listen, everything is fine. However, if I try to doubleclick on the mutli-comp again, N crashes immediately.

N-drums is finicky, but I can get it to playback fairly consistently. It doesn’t remember which patterns I"ve stored, I have to re-tell it each time I open the file, even after saving.

Anyway, the crash is the more pressing thing… Any suggestions? I’m all ears.


Let me also add I’ve got a 1GB ram, 2.8 ghz, machine with nothing else on it. No problems on 4.04

I’ve verified that n drums has nothing to do with this. I cannot change effects on the fly. Any ideas?