A review of version 7 for 2015

Used version 7 non beta for last Album

In the last 6 years there has always been some issue of some kind and I always try to make a note of the issues/report them, that I find. This year, I didn’t come across any real issues another than VST’s hogging the horse power of the CPU but the little things I’ve bitched about for years are not there, These issues always creep up during the mastering process. Hats off to you “Flavio”, (tip of my hat) I made through the entire mastering process without having to complain. And you know what that means, Great job mate!!!

Your humble servant,

By the way this years album went #2, one better than last year (had a little help), you know who you are…that wonderful community to which I’m forever grateful.

As a side note, I will put v8 through it’s paces for next year.