A short stop in Vegas

Got wireless internet here in the KOA in Las Vegas and thought I would drop an update.

It is freakin hot everywhere. Drove through a desert that was 123 degrees F. Stopped and saw the giant Sequioas. My 7 year old son said, “aah, they aren’t that big…”. Of course, he has seen his old man naked before so I guess in comparison…

By the way, if you ever have a chance to drive across the country in a 1982 diesel winnebago, don’t do it. This thing is freakin scary on all the big hills out here in the southwest. And futhermore, there should be warning signs on maps explaining that the entire southwest is just a series of mountains, hills and roads all at very steep grades.

Ali was right about all the holes of the southwest. There are lots of holes to see. Occasionally you spot something sticking out of the ground, but most of the time you look down and say, “whoa”.


You can see the fires in the background that were burning the day I took this picture. It made the view hazy.

Hey Doc! Hope you’re not planning on driving the Winne across that, LOL!
Awsum Pic tho, and hope you’re still having fun and be safe!

Yaz :D

Mike - that shot looks like southern Utah? Yeah - you picked one of the hottest summers on record to come out. It’s been over 100+ everyday since last week.

Jeepers, that is a beautiful hole.


I know you guys hate when I interject politics into non-political threads (no apology), but I just saw this yesterday while working on my house. There was a history of Las Vegas on msnbc. It was very interesteding, but one thing that I didn’t know is that the hotel/restaurant union is very strong in LV, and has helped alot of people get a decent wage. There are several casino’s whose workers don’t belong (because they say they offer better benefits), but the union has helped raise the enter standard of living for many people who went to LV seeking the American dream.