A Simple Man

Didn’t know how many of you had heard this’n. This is who I bees.

A Simple Man

Crap, I done forgot about this one.

I enjoy all posts in reply to my tunes to start with “Crap…”

Carp. That’s a great tune Mr. Willis.


really good i enjoyed that. i could imagine lynyrd skynyrd covering that in there prime, dont know if thats the sort of comparison you want thouh?
I thought the mix was unusual the guitars were very quiet when you were singing particularly the acoustic in the verse?


Crap, Tina’s got a point.

Fine… I’ll get my version up… Totally brain farted on this tune. Was trying to get fiddle on it… but we’ll work with what we got at the moment. I have the next 4 weeks with no gigs so I hope to knock out a ton of drum tracking.

What up with the letter D? (Do what I dos) Some weird compression clicks going on there?

I’ve done so many tunes lately Bubba - lucky to remember what country my country is in.

It’s a cracker, Poppa.

Hi Poppa Willis:

Thanks for the link to your tune… That BandCamp site is great…
The song files that gets post there have little-if-any issues in loss of quality or in resolution…

Am I led to believe that bubbagump has done the mix for this song?


Man that’s a good tune!!

Catchy…simple enough yet complicated enough.

Well done mentor! :agree:

Quote: (woxnerw @ Nov. 15 2010, 4:27 PM)

Am I led to believe that bubbagump has done the mix for this song?

I did a mix... sorta. But what Poppa posted isn't it. I did real drums. I have to get off my ass and get it wrapped up.

Daggum slacker… What you gotta a day job or something?


I find that the “End Product” turns out better when you do whatever they are …
because you like doing those things…
as opposed to doing those things because you have … to



Day jobs Too…
Puts Canadian Bacon on the table…

Thanks for the listens folks. No need to do anything on that one Bubba… It’s fine for what it is.

Tommy - I liked it!
It was straight forward, had a nice groove and your vocals worked well for the song.

My only suggestion would be to raise the guitar hooks up a little in the mix.
I was listening on a computer speaker and they sounded low to me.

thanx Mike - one of those that came to me in one big chunk while washing dishes… might ask Bubba to mix it some day, and get the fiddle on it he heard, but too much going on right now to mess with it. Thanks again.

Wash more dishes…
:laugh: Don’t leave any streaks…


Hey there Poppa, I like that tune, Nice work, The new look Is cool as well :agree: