A Simple MIDI question

Moving notes in Piano Roll

I’m trying to do some editing on a MIDI file. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to move a group of notes down a half-step on the piano (e.g. change two bars of an A note to Ab).

I selected the notes I want to move by dragging the mouse around the group of notes, thus making the little dotted box around them. But how do I get that crosshair thing that moves the notes down to the next note in the piano roll?

I’m no MIDI expert by any means, but this has got to be easier than I’m making it!!

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey Don,

You should only have to center the mouse pointer on any one of the highlighted notes to see that four-pointed cross-hair thingamajigger. Then just left-click while the cross-hair is shown and drag the notes. Sometimes it’s hard to get lined up vertically on a note, so you hold can fatten up the notes vertically by clicking the “magnifying glass with the ‘+’ in it and the up/down arrows to the side”.



I find that if I need to transpose notes in the piano roll it is better to do it via the “Properties” screen.

If you try and drag them up or down with the mouse they will usually move left or right a bit as well. If you have snap to grid turned on they will all move so the fist selected note snaps to the grid.

If you select all the notes you want to transpose, right click and select properties you can enter how many semi-tones you want to move the selected notes up or down without them moving left or right.

Also if you want to select all the instances of a particular note click on that note on the actual picture of the keyboard and all instances of that note will be selected. (You can drag on the keyboard to sleect all instances of multiple notes too)


Thanks, Rich and Tony,

I’ll try both techniques tonight. The trick to getting the crosshair is indeed to widen the view so you can find the midpoint of a note. I also really like the selective transposition in the properites window.

I knew it had to be a simple thing. It was driving me nuts last night!!

Thanks again.