A Simple Song

This one I wrote and recorded in a period of 4 hours, tonight. I decided to keep it as simple as possible. Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Bass, and a guitar solo… that’s it, lol!

Danny Milligan - Beautiful

4 hours!! it takes us 4 weeks at least.
you certainly know how to knock out a good song quickly danny.
That was really good, much better vocals & a clearer mix.
If that was my song i would have cut it down to about 3.30mins, I always think simple songs should leave you wanting more.
Really liked the song,the final sound is not quite there but i dont know how to get it either!


Hi dannyraymilligan:

Thanks for the link…
Great Track’s Capture…
Are those plugs n-Track-Stock ?
The mix works nice… :agree: :)


lol, Tina, the secret is that I look at these songs as demos, much like you’d write a quick note to yourself to remember something. Very few of the songs I’ve done in the last ten years would I consider putting on a CD for sale. However, because I now have the demos, every single song I can go back in and redo it completely from scratch, nitpick every little thing, spend a week on each song like the pros do, and have a CD-worthy product…n-track gives me the capability to do that, even though right now I only use it like you would use a 4-track recorder to make demos.

Wox, the effects I used were all free. The only stock effects were echo, pitch shift and reverb. I used blueline phaser on the guitar solo, which is free, dsound ge1 graphic equalizer on the vocals, which is free, and classic master limiter as compression to get my levels set across the board…