A small niggle?

I’m doin’ fine, but; Every time I record, either midi or wav, I have to remove two or four empty tracks that are added automaticaly.
What am I doin’ wrong?

I’m pretty sure if you have the ‘select record icon’ set to this

then if you record a midi track - N will add a .wav recording of
the midi onto seperate track(s)

You can toggle this to midi only record - keyboard showing
OR to audio only record - microphone showing

Other than that - check that you have selected AND armed only the
tracks you wish to record and that the correct record channel is selected
for each track.

Also, if you have a multi-channel recorder a track is recorded for each track unless you select the channels that are to be recorded. With ASIO, all available channels are selected unless you un check the ones you do not want active.

Doh! Cheers 7.
Cheers Bax - I’ll look at that too, later on.

What you are doing wrong is removing the “empty” tracks. The most important part of the music, it has been said, are the spaces between the notes, the silence which is the backdrop against which the notes sound, without which the notes are nothing more than cacophony. Here “emptiness” is actually a precondition for “fullness” and is in fact the ultimate form of fullness. You may accuse me of retailing some po-mo claptrap, but just listen to how thin some recordings sound - it’s because they removed the “empty” tracks! Thin is the new phat. Phat, of course, was Phat Wilson, one of the early greats in ice hockey, winning several Allen Cups for Port Arthur, and was inducted into the HHoF on my birthday. You don’t believe me? Look it up! :)

So n-Track actually includes these all-important spaces when you record. It’s a feature that some other DAWs don’t have, or which is badly and awkwardly implemented, making it hard to get those spaces between the notes just right. You just have to know how to mix those “empty” tracks in with your “full” regular tracks (and that’s a tricky business, let me tell you).

Either that, or it’s what those other guys said above.

Rock on, dude!

Aaaah! I get it. Gee, thanks Flav. All the same, I’m gonna concider bouncing all the blank tracks to a pair.

It’s a little bit of a hassle when after adding a midi inst like addictive drums to a song in ntrack. It adds all the tracks of the kit. If you remove the main midi track that you added Addictive drums to. All the other tracks for the kit remain.

Probably doesn’t really belong in this thread, but I am curious Toms: are you saying a better sound is created by leaving empty tracks - not ambient room sound, but tracks with No data? I would think that would only raise the noise level of what ever electronics you were using . . .? I have, on occasion, recorded the sound from the room to use to breath some"air" into the recording. I have also recorded the sound of the room with all the players not making any sound and then used that as a noise cancellation track when I didn’t like some acoustic quality of the room. But just an empty channel with no signal . . .?
Just wondering.

:laugh: Sorry TomS. Were you being serious?