A solution to a problem I never knew I had.

Getting hoovered is…welll…a sexual thing over here. :)

Actually I use an air compressor to blow out the dust once a month. Something bout static build up using a vacuum cleaner is dangerous to a pc I think. I could be wrong on this.

Mental pic of vacuum hose to the groin area, holy moly.:smiley:

I read “Actually I use an air compressor to…” and thought, “do I want to read this?”

Ali, your computer will not only be quieter, but will will run cooler as well.

That means it will last longer and you’ll have less chance of component failure due to heat build-up.

…a good thing all around.


It is not a good idea to use a vacuum inside a computer. A vacuum can create a static charge. It is always better to blow the dust out.

Dave T2

Heh. I’ve taken to calling the wifes little dog “Hoover” you can hear the little beast snorting and snuffling two rooms away when he thinks there is something smelly about. I actually had the cans on my head, in the DAW room and I go “Eh?..wazzat hissing noise…hmm EQ too high?” “Dangit! Hoover…you little turd muncher! Gitcha outta here!” :D

Take your PC outdoors and use low pressure canned air to hose out the dust bunnies. You can fry sensitive components with a “Hoover”. The vacuums made for the purpose actually have special hoses and grounding straps to prevent static build-up. Use to use one of those everyday in my old job as an equipment technician.


Vacuums in nature and at home, are more likely to create a static charge. Check out what happens around a tornado.

Dave T2

On a seious note, yes, a vacuum cleaner can create all kinds of static, especially the plastic hose kind.

On a non-seious note, a Hovering followup…it doesn’t require a vaccum cleaner, but it does require a certain…umm…knowlege. :cool:

Turn on a TV, hook up the hoover(not to the groin) and see the static charge affect the picture. This demonstrates the static charge from the friction of the plastic parts of the vacuum. Using an air compressor keep in mind not to blow the components themselves out of the housing.LOL Meaning watch how much psi is used.

So if “hoovering” watch for static discharge (which is painful) around the zipper(metal) area.???