A song for critique

New collab venture

Hey guys, please give a listen and any constructive comments.

Unfortunately, the vox can’t be redubbed.


Thanks for listening.


Hi Don:
I could play the file but I don’t know how to download the file from the site. I am unable to open, “Save As”, in the browser I have. The mp3 file defaults to a Quicktime application… It sounds great on this end.



Try right clicking on the link then chose “Save file as” in the drop-down. At least that worked for me.


I don’t know where my head was… But I had it in a temp folder, somewhere… When I right-clicked on the link it was already there… Thanks Don… Got it now… Duh… :O :laugh:

He Don,
Great job, I love that music, for my taste sounds great.
Anymore like that??



Thanks. I’m glad that you liked it.

Just click on the “WWW” button below and you will find older versions of this song and several othe similar tunes on my site.

Another Don :D

Hey Don, not my style but I enjoyed listening.

Nice bottom end. Vocals sound a tiny bit harsh???

Possibly the instrument (guitar? keyboard?) right in the centre of the mix gets a bit wearing towards the end of the song. I like the sound but maybe it could come and go, or vary a bit???

As always, $0.00002


At first I was thinking Roy Orbison, but then again, it has an Old-Time Country feel. Hearing that general sound of the song is always my first pass at the song. It certainly did not break out of that mold, it seems to hang together really well.

Are you still using Fruity for MIDI? I’m sure you could get someone to lay down a guitar track (or banjo?!?!) over at Collaboration Central.

Good Work.

Thanks Ben,

We are working on getting some better drum tracks using sound fonts and guitar track and maybe a real bass. I will post a new version when we are ready.

You’re the second person to mention Roy Orbison but it is an old Hank Williams song circa 1952. I don’t try to sound like anyone except me. I have never been able to reach the highs that Roy could, even with my falsetto. I think that I modernized the style a wee bit from the Classic Country style of Hank. Roy Orbison has always been an influence of mine and Elvis considered him “The greatest male vocalist of our time.” Its a thrill to be mentioned in the same breath as Roy.


PS: We have a version of the song done as a collab by a bunch from www.artistcollaboration.com and you can hear that on my music project (web site) page if you want to squint your ear at it.

PPS: The MIDI was all done using Band-In-A-Box.

First let me say I like the tune you did. I heard it a few months ago when I was looking at your website. I kinda liked it as is with just guitar and vocals (nice voice BTW). It’s how I envisioned Hank doing it! I like the newer versions too.

I’m sorta confused by the midi part. Are you saying the song with just vocals and guitar is vocals and BIAB?



Thanks for the encouragement.

I guess that I did confuse the issue a bit.

The OLD version is my vox with arpeggiated guitar mixed down (blended) that I did using a ‘toy’ program, Keytar, that came with my old Creative PCI128 sound card and a US$2.00 computer stick mic.

I have had a stroke that has left me mute and without the use of my L hand so we took that original .wav file, loaded into BIAB and added lead guitar (real guitar), MIDI drums, MIDI bass and harmony vox tracks.

As of today, we are adding a real pedal steel but the new link is not working. Hope to have that fixed tomorrow.

Thanks again for listening.


Keytar!! I remember that program!

Sorry to hear about your stroke. My dad has had several and his last just recently. Since I’ve inherrited EVERY health problem he’s ever had my stroke is stalking me! (seems to run on his side of the family)

You type quite a bit 1 handed!

I downloaded your mp3 back when I 1st heard it and played along with it many times. I’ve been watching as you guys put it to BIAB and added harmony with interest. Would you mind sending me the BIAB file so I can see how Russ syncronized the audio to the midi. I thought that was pretty interesting. If you’re willing, send me a PM and I’ll give you an email address. I understand if you don’t want to.



The only advice I can give you regarding stroke prevention is: Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control. The cholesterol blocks the tiny blood vessles to the brain and there you go. Plus I was grossly overweight and had a sedentary, high-stress job and didn’t exercise. It all contributed, I am certain. I was a walking time bomb. By all rights it should have been a lot worse. My BP and cholesterol are now under control and I have lost about 100 pounds.

Glad you found a use for my song.

Re: The tracks. Visit the PG Music forum where the song is posted. Russ made an offer to ANYONE wanting to jump in to contact him for the tracks and how he did it. I don’t have anything other than what you heard on my website. Thanks again.

Don :D

Thanks all, for the encouragement.

Here’s the latest version as of Monday.

Please give a new listen. I think its getting a lot better.

Link: http://www.asvr14.dsl.pipex.com/DonsAshamedMix.mp3

Don :D