A song...

…for your examination.

What think?

Your Opiate



I like the music, the guitars and the drums are pretty cool, nice grundgieness to them. I’m not so sure about the melody/lyrics, but it seems to fit into that style of music. (Which is not a style I listen to much)



I like this one.
Has a good live feel.
The vocalist reminds me a bit of Marc Bolan!
Would go down real well at my local pub!

Drums are a bit too busy for my taste, and there are a few timing issues.

All in all, a good 'un


Needs more (louder) guitar! With more mids. Also it felt like there were timing issues with the guitar intro. Nice grungy tune.

Not surprising that Steve would be in favor of “Your Opiate”, “opiate of the masses” and such :angry: This reminds me a bit of “The Cult” around the time of their “Electric” album.

I agree with Steve that this is an excellent live sound. It may be my crap-ass speakers, but I can’r quite agree with Captain Damage that the guitars need to be re-EQ’d. The track certainly has that “recorded live in a club” kind of feel. Cleaning up the timing problems in during the retard in the intro, etc., would make it sound less live but would open it up so people who aren’t rabid fans would like to listen to the song multiple times.

Anyway, cheers to you for all the hard work that went into this recording.