a track for metronome???

Can I easely insert a tempo scratch track with the built in metronome???
Sorry if this is a newbie quistion…

n-Tracks has a metronome, if that’s what you want. It outputs to MIDI or the PC speaker. To make a wave track of it simple record the output of the MIDI as audio in real time.

I’ve love a new feature to play a short wave as the tick. :)

FYI: Don’t use the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synthesizer as the MIDI device unless that’s all you have, as it will be a little bit jerky and will have latency that will be unacceptable (it will be out of sync after recording). It CAN be used with satisfactory results with a little post recording editing and sliding of the track.

Alternately, you can use Audacity to generate a click track.
Then just import that wave into your n-Track song.

It’s too bad that n-Track doesn’t have a simple way to create a click track wave file. IMHO, a wave file for click is much better and more reliable than N’s built-in metronome (which I’ve had a number of different problems with over the years).

You can do it, and you can do it without even spending any money. But you have to add software, unless you already have a MIDI synth of some sort (software or hardware).

And to do it you have to create a MIDI track and paste in the notes – usually, you just paste in one measure, copy that measure, and then shift-paste it into a number of measures. Then you render the MIDI track to a wave file. (How you do that depends on what kind of MIDI synth you have – softsynth plugin, soundcard hardware synth, or external MIDI synth.)

Since N doesn’t have a simple, easy way, Audacity is probably the best bet.

Here’s what I do. I use the piano roll to make a 1-measure click track, and then shift-paste it (with grid turned on!) to make, say 16 or 32 measures of click. I then render this to audio by playing it into my MIDI keyboard synth and recording the audio. That gives me a relatively short click track wave file. With the grid on, I drag to select the whole wave part and Copy.

Then, on a new track where I’m building the “plan” for the song, I drag a measure or two and Paste, for the count-in click. I drag the number of measures for the intro and Paste, I drag the number of measures for the first verse and Paste, etc.

When I’m done, the “plan” track has the click track, with nice visual indications where each new section starts (lines where the pasted parts come together). In theory, this is what Markers would be for, but N’s markers are terrible – they frequently hide something I want to see, and they pop up text I do NOT want to see (with no way to turn that off).

Sorry for two complaints about N in one post … it’s a great program and I use it all the time and love it. Every program has its faults, and it also depends on point of view.