A tune specifically written again...

Hi all.

This is a tune I’ve written specifically for a ‘mind movie’.
Waaayy too long to explain…but its about making positive affirmations to programme your inner mind … woooo woooooo

Anyway, this is the soundtrack to it.

Instrumental is rubbish, but at some point I’ll do it again, and the short clips only last 2.5 mins anyway so don’t even reach it.

Not my usual way of writing but what do you think?


Manystation pads and bass. Can’t work out the drums yet…


Ok…I know you’re gonna work on the backing, but as a song it’s one of your best mate! Huge potential to be very, very good. :agree:

I’m in 100% agreement with Bruffie. Even with the recording as it stands, I would have voted for this in the contest. It’s been a real antidote this morning for the negativity of the day.

m mmm mmmmm :agree:


God I wish I’d written that.

Thanks for the comments!!
I’m away for a week tomorrow, but apart from the obvious solo that needs desperate attention, what else do you think the recording needs?

I’m too taken with the song Craig to even think of what it ‘needs’…

It needs to be pitched and recorded by a major act - that’s all I can say. Or launch you as a major act.



God I wish I'd written that.

You and me both, Tom.

Screw what it needs.
The deal is, the only thing that would make that recording better is getting a bunch of pros in a pro studio doing a killer backing track for you.
Esp. drums.
One thing is certain - you don’t need to change a thing in terms of singing.
Another - you don’t need to change the arrangement, either.

Man, I hate that there is so much talent here. You and Ange oughta put together your own label. Or maybe we oughta put up the money. Also that other guy. What’s his name. John Doe’s twin. Yeah, right, like that’s a real name.

By the way, in a total non-sequiter, the Flint Generals have finished their pre-season with a convincing win over Port Huron, and have the problem of too many good goal tenders and forwards, and the stupid refs threw out fan favorite J. Dumba for calling them something that rhymes with “lock-plucker.” And the Crown Royal was nice.

Do you like how I hi-jack the thread, Craig?
Seriously, this song is so good, you should be charging us to be your friends!

darn right that’s a real name

i love the descending chord pattern motif that reappears throughout (first at 0:35).

interesting use of descending chord patterns and minor key/mode use for a song of such uplifting spirits. doing that takes the potential cheese out of it, methinks.

as a matter of personal taste, for this song i would have liked to hear a rhythm guitar with less crunch/more ring (referring to the one at 0:42), or the one you used paired with a (fairly) clean (poss. arpeggiated) guitar to give more fullness to it. Even an accoustic picking/strumming chords behind that crunch. but that’s just a me thing that i’ve been experimenting with lately.

at 2:33, i could even hear a third voice on top to add more flair, and maybe even into that last chorus as well. but that’s just me being a CSN fan.

you sure know how to write a solid song, craig. what a great ear and mind you demonstrate. This is a real joy to listen to.

Wow thanks everyone!

Jdet I’m usually too eager to get a song ‘finished’ that I don’t tend to look hard at what a song may be lacking etc…I need to do this as you’ve made some great points.

Cool feedback all, much appreciated.

Quote: (john doe's evil twin @ Oct. 11 2008, 10:14 PM)

darn right that's a real name

Well, real or not, you rock! :agree:

Excellent song, excellent performance.

Something cuts off with a thump in a couple places, the bass maybe?
Maybe a few lead fills throughout the song.

Vocals are great!

This tune reminds me of something recent, can’t put my finger (ear) on it yet.

Edit, it came to me after the 3rd listen, not gonna post the name of the tune tho.

We have amongst us,
in our presence some really gifted musical minds…
They need to be nurtured along in a positive way so as not to be negatively influenced so that it doesn’t show up in their musical creativity…

The world’s door is wide open to accept the next Super-Duper Entertainer…
the world sure needs one… or two Super Stars.


Really nice comments again thanks!

Yaz…PLEASE you gotta tell me…at least PM me!

I ALWAYS think I’ve heard my tunes before, so don’t want to be subconsiously (spelling?) copying without knowing!!!
Will I know it in the UK?

Nice job Craig! Maybe work on the bottom end of the mix a tad? Nice song too!


yup, after listening again and again, I is gonna have to say it…

This IMHO is totally your best ever.

(very Bond!)

you, my friend, are amazing

Ange x

…just put in a good word for me Ange when you sign that lucrative publishing contract… :)

Really…thanks everyone for the kind words.