A Very Beazley Christmas

Anyone see this?

It’s the Bush’s Christmas video, I guess - on the White House webpage, scroll down a bit for the link - anyone think this is just a little out there? Sort of out of touch?


Ahh, lighten up Tom. Of course it is out of touch. And I think it is funny that they purposely show that they play favorites, even in their own family. But it is Christmas after all and it is a good idea to allow the White House stupidity to flow freely. After all, Barney is the old dog (the elderly)and forced to eat dog food while the new favorite dog (corporate america) gets filet mignon.

Oops… I think I need to lighten up…

Meanwhile, I’m searching the page for any mention of NO…

On further thought, I realized that the video asks the “have nots” (Barney) to be nice to the “haves” (Mrs Beazley) because it is Christmas. I guess that the Republicans are asking the poor and the displaced (think New Orleans) to stop complaining and be nice to the rich cause it is Christmas.

Of course, maybe I am thinking too much and reading into this too deeply, but is there an other more obvious theme?


It’s a zen thing - its theme is themelessness itself.

Snoorrrreee - it’s not even funny :(

The utter lack of funny is part of what makes it…funny.