Aagh! Help, feedback

As you may recall (or not)I recently asked for advice re a room mic to pick up my band rehearsing. Well, I was loaned a behringer C1 mic from somebody so, I set it up in the middle of the room and recorded the band playing and it picked everything up perfectly. However, when I try to record myself playing along to a backing track I get horrendous squealing feedback. Now, the mic is in the centre of the room on a mic stand and is about 7 feet off the ground. Amps are spaced around the side of the room but (and this is where I think the problem is) the mixer (a behringer ub1002) is on the desk next to the computer. When playing back a backing track, if I turn up the loudspeakers loud enough to fill the room, the squealing starts. If I turn either the speakers or the mixer mic control down the squealing goes away but the sound isn’t loud enough to record. Interstingly, I don’t get sqealing if I play a cd back on my hif-fi which is about 12 feet away from the pc (and mixer). I know the problem is related to the proximity of the pc speakers and the mixer but I’m sure other people have a similar setup without the feedback.
Anybody got any brilliant ideas please ?
Thanks in hope…

Use head phones.

The feedback is caused by the placement of the speakers and the microphone. The mixer has nothing to do with it.
You need to use headphones, like bubbagump said, when you are tracking yourself.

Even if you didn’t get feedback, you would pick up the sound from the speakers while recording.

Dave T2

Many thanks for responses. I know it seemed obvious but I was really struggling !

Many thanks again