absolute automation

Another automation question??

I was wondering if there was a way to manually type in values for the automation at a node instead of clicking and dragging it with the mouse.

I’m pretty sure that there’s no way of doing this.

Nope not yet, unless it’s new in V4 and I haven’t found it yet. :)

That would be a good feature. Also an easier “snap to zero”. The fade-up tool used to be good for that but has been broken for a long time (on V3, that is). It once made sense but now does completely incomprehensible stuff. Ditto for the fade out in some cases.

for MIDI CC, yes there is - right click the MIDI track, get the event editor, and view the CCs you want, and edit as appropriate.

For VST/DX automation, as already said - nope! I have asked Flavio for this in the past, and I’ve got a ‘I’ll think about it’ response. tbh, the number of requests that he must get, I wasn’t unduly worried, but it looks like I wouldn’t be the only one to benefit from such a thing.

There is one issue tho’. The way the Flavio has implemented it in someways follows the approximate nature of VST automation. With MIDI CC, the exact, per sample placing of the automation can be sent. Where as, with VST, the buffer of audio gets sent with all the samples, and the VST automation gets sent in a more adhoc manner.

Whilst we cannot really discern whether out Mod wheel is triggered exactly at the right time, it should be close enough so that we don’t notice. This is a failure of the VST spec, and nothing to do with Flavio. However, to be able to have better accuracy over the values would be smashing! especially if he did the lookup to the VST to get the parameter labels as well (as the non-GUI version of a VST does).

Finally! I would ask Flavio nicely if he wouldn’t mind putting a vertical scroll bar on the window for the GUI-less VSTs… There is one plug I use alot, NuBi, and Organ. It has some 50+ parameter, and no GUI. The compact view of the list isn’t good for setting an organ registration, and I can’t view the full list in the default view! So until the dev manages to code a GUI, I’m kinda in a hard place… Flavio??


mr h.

after you tip on automation I’ve been twiddling VST’s like a demon. If you click on the record icon (or R in ealier versions) you can teak a knob/slider on the VST effect/instrument and n-track will record it. It still does not appear in the event list but does give you a bit more control then drawing the automation by hand…

Good points, Duncan.

I’ve always wondered, can the host app get the units and conversions for parameters? As it is now, the host (n-Track) just sends numbers to the VST for parameter automation. In n-Track display, it’s always represented as dB, but it might be milliseconds or any number of things. Is VST or DX interface good enough to allow the host to ask what the units and coversions are, so the numbers could be expressed that way?

BTW, the values for evolutions are always inherently deltas from the configured value, never absolute values (right?) Sometimes it would be nice for these to be absolutes rather than deltas – or at least, displayed this way for our editing purposes. I wonder whether that’s even possible within the limits imposed by the interface definition.

Er, in English: when we do evolutions, it’s always a +/- thing changing the value we set in the GUI. Sometimes, it would be nice to see the actual results as we edit. So, for example, say we have a reverb “wet” level set to -6dB. The evolution line in n-Track shows 0dB unless we change it. If we set a node to +6dB, that would cause an end result of 0dB. If we set it to -9dB, that would cause an end result of -15dB. Wouldn’t it be nifty to have a checkbox somewhere to “show resulting values”. The lines wouldn’t move, but the values displayed in the lower right hand corner would show the end results rather than merely how much we’re changing the parameter. However, there may not be enough info presented at the VST/DX interface to do this.