accidents that became keepers

I was reading this article this morning and thought it might be intersesting to some of you.…ex.html

"And that’s a lot of where some of my sounds, they’ll say, “Ooh, how’d you get this?” and it’s like, “The mike was in front of the amp when I pressed the button. By the time I strapped the guitar on, it was on the floor, three feet away.” So, happy accidents, kinda."

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to post any accidents that happened to us while tracking and ended up keeping them in the mix.

I was doing a track and one of my dogs barked down in the basement and the sound came up through the heat register to upstairs where I was. It was barely audible and I didn’t notice it for quite a while and ended up keeping it in there.

Anybody else have accidents that became keepers?

another story is when Michael Cretu (Enigma)'s son suddenly entered his dad’s studio and his dad scared him. That sound was later used on an album. :D


Paul Westerberg! He of many happy accidents.

Thank god

Toby Mac’s (a horrid white rapper I regret to say I like) son came into his home studio and was singing into the mic. He sampled it and turned it into a track on the album. it is one of the best songs on the cd, actually. As sad as that is…


I learned a lot of my favorite chords that way!