Accoustic foam

good deal on studio foam

I found a company to order studio foam from on the internet. It is 1/2 the cost of the best price on Auralex on any of the discount music supply sites. I’m really jazzed to finish my studio so I ordered 96 square feet of wedge foam and 16 feet of Bass trap and the shipping is free! If anyone would like to know I’d be glad to share the info.

One caution, make sure the foam meets fire code specifications where you live.

Good point. The company lists fire code info on the website but I must confess I didn’t study that too close.

I looked at the site again and it says that the product meets class B california 117 flame retardant specs but that doesn’t mean much to us less experienced types.

Hey TN, PM me that info, eh? :)

I picked up mine at and am very happy with it.
A box of 48 1’ squares was about $85.