Accoustic on N-track

Comments please

Check out “Hopes Fading” on this link:

Would love some comments on the production and the song itself.

liked the song, has that sort of end of a gig feel to it, like an anthem. as for the production i thought it suited the songs, the vocals sound good. the only thing that stood out were occasional parts where the guitars collided, nothing major tho!
nice work.:smiley:

The vocals should be quite a bit louder to my ears… The acoustic in the left speaker (especially at around 0:53) is drowning it out and then when you have the acoustic come in on the right as well it is fighting even harder to be heard.

Guitar sounds a bit thin to me… was it DI’d… would maybe sound a bit fuller if you mic’d it as well and blended the mic and DI signal.
Or maybe it’s just sounding that way cause it’s a bit over processed and lossing some of it’s natural sound.

Also there is too much reverb on the vocals for my tastes… but depends on what effect you are going for…
Less reverb on the vocals will help make the vocals sound less like they are singing from the back of the stage and bring them more out in front of the guitars.

A good song though. Nice lyrics and I like the guitar playing.
I also like the interaction between the left and right guitars.

Maybe add some percussion from the solo onwards - just something simple like tambourine or shakers on quarter notes.
Would help to build it toward the end of the song…

Gotta love a big rock ballad!
Good work


My hard drive fried before I could polish the mix, so this is as close to a final mix as this song will ever get. I would say it was 85% done. There was some cleaning up I wanted to do, but now will never get to.

####, there has got to be a way to get more exposure and reviews.

It sounded good to me on the headphones. Did you have a 12-string in the mix. Your arrangement is very dense and it sounded like you had several guitars mixed together, so I wasn’t sure if one was a 12-string. Nice song and vocals too.