ACID Music Studio

Any thoughts?

I’ve never done much with loops and the little I have done has been with ones I created myself, tweaked, and then used in n-Track.

But I’ve just heard about this new ACID product called Sony ACID Music Studio which is selling for US$70 (as opposed to US$400 for ACID Pro). Anyway, here’s a link - ACID Music Studio

I take it this is a scaled-down version of their popular program and I wondered if anyone familiar with ACID could take a look at the features of this and advise as to whether this would be worth the investment, or is it too limited to be any real value?


Comparison chart:…id=7838

It only runs at 16 bits, lacks stretching that Pro has, lacks VSTi support, lacks DXi automation, I dunno. Looks pretty primitive.

I’ve alwasy disliked their GUIs too. :)

Thanks Tom. I suspected as much, the price difference just seemed too vast.

Bill, I demo-ed Acid Pro, and found it to be a very powerful program.

I also demo-ed Fruity Loops, and despite the “kiddy GUI” found it to be equally powerful, (in some ways, more so), and much cheaper.

If you haven’t tried it, I strongly recoomend you do so.

But, if you do try it, see this quote from an earlier thread…


If you get fruity, the first thing to do is download:


Open Fruity and work through that tutorial, and in an hour or two you’ll be an expert! (or close at least).

And the producer edition can be used as either a VSTi in n-track, or through rewire.


I have been an avid acid user (inset drug related comment) for over three years now and own both acid pro 3.0 and vegas 4.0 and it is a great program for loop work I have not found a better. the studio version is not the full system that pro is but for just looping it is still very powerful. i still use acid a lot and import finished trackes into N to intigrate with midi and other things.

You should still be able to get the free 10 track version of ACID from acid planet - it will let you do the basic looping stuff: