Acid Pro

Any good?

Anyone here have an opinion of Acid for drum loops?

Acid Pro is in my wishlist at the moment. I downloaded and played with the demo and it is an absolutely wonderful piece of software. I can see the purchase of quality loops could get expensive if one developed an addiction but if a guy wanted to do anything from basic backing tracks to full blown movie scores, you could do it in Acid. From what I’ve read, this is actually how a LOT of commercial material is done these days what with ACID and Gigastudio and the like.

I’m gonna get Acid Pro as soon as I can…


I’ve got Acid Pro 4. It’s great. I end up using it as my main DAW most of the time (I mostly record 1 thing at a time and it works fine for that). I really like the Acid UI.


Thanks guys,

I recently downloaded Acid Express and gave it a try. It looiked and sounded good enough for me to go out and buy Acid Music Studio ($70). After experimenting with Music Studio, I was even more impressed and have now ordered the Discrete Drums version 1 and 2 for Acid. I hope they are as good as I think they will be.

I give an update when I get them.



go look at drums on demand for your loops they are very well organized in intro, verse, chorus and fills for the various genre’s They also have bass on demand and it works great fro bass lines and has the dame organization set up.

Cruiser :cool: