Acoustic Guitar Plugin?

I know that using a mic is always best for acoustic guitar but I just did some recording where I had no option but to use the acoustic guitar’s built-in piezo pickup.

I have been told that various boxes(the zoom A2?) can help a lot with the sound of a DI’d acoustic and even effects processors that are supposed to make an electric guitar sound more like an acoustic might have helped (a friend used to use a “Boss” acoustic simulator which would have been better than nothing), but I didn’t have one to hand.

I wondered if there is a plug-in that does the job of one of these “acoustic guitar simulators” that I could use to sweeten the sound a bit?


I’ve used one that would allow adjustment of resonance and such with my SG with a piezo bridge. I was never very happy with it though. I can’t seem to find one on google now either.

no guarantee it will do the trick but you could try running it through FREEAMP2 - its in Ns VST effects list -

Dr J

Quote: (DR Jackrabbit @ Oct. 01 2007, 10:21 AM)

no guarantee it will do the trick but you could try running it through FREEAMP2 - its in Ns VST effects list -

Dr J

Thanks for that - it looks like a very interesting plugin (I'm still using NTrack v4 but I found a separate download for FREEAMP2.

Can't see how it would help on an acoustic sound though, unless I'm missing something.

Watch out for a RoughDraftAudio release in the coming weeks/months :wink:


You can probably do a ‘sweeten’ with the bundle plugs in nTrack. Compressor/eq. compression with softknee can take some of the harshness of the piezo out, using attack and release, eqing out the 100hz below will help with mudiness. The individual track with the guitar has this already on it, just turn knobs to see what you get.
I turn knobs til something blows up, the wave file turns into an UFO, or doesn’t resemble an instrument at all anymore, LOL

Found this while browsing (actually a link from re: DR J tunafish)

SoloString 1.0 | Physical modeled acoustic guitar synthesizer


Piezo transducers in acoustic guitars are very useful things and some people actually prefer the sound. I quite like it myself.
However, they do colour the instrument considerably.

The main problem with these small transducers is that they have a poor bass response and, because they have a small mass and are very thin, they are too good (?) when it comes to reproducing very sharp transients. They also have a pronounced peak in their frequency response between 2 and 4 khz.
All of this adds up to the “quack” that we know and love!

Some things to try:

Use a very soft pick. This will help soften the attack.

Use a soft knee compressor with the threshold set a little lower than you otherwise would, but with a little less compression ratio too.

Use a peak eq with a Q of 1 to 1.5 and sweep it around the 2-4kHz region until you find the “sweet spot” and reduce by as many dB as you think sounds right.

None of the above will make your piezo’ed acoustic sound miked up, but it should tame it considerably.