Acoustic jam

Just sketched this one out the other day on the Ole’ acoustic.

Goodbye Corporate America

THis is a live take so my vocals are not what they could be if I sang them on a bottle mic in the booth, lot’s a bleed there from the guitar. ???

*based on a true story of my buddy Mark, he is still in Alaska, 10 miles from the nearest town.

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jerm :cool:

OUTSTANDING!!! :agree:

I think you’ve got a winner there jerm, great song! Really well put together. With a bit of work on the vocals in places youd really have something worth promoting.


Quote: (dannyraymilligan @ Oct. 18 2010, 1:33 AM)

OUTSTANDING!!!! :agree:

thanx :handshake:

here is how it was done.

Live tracks:
Takamine EG363SC>LA audio DIPmk3>GNX4(Ovation preset)>ONYX preamp.
Telefunken M-80>Trident 4T (preamp)>Digitech S-100>FreeQ-Lead vocal preset.

Added tracks:
Chorus (Axiom25 finger pads)>GNX4 (drum machine)>ONYX preamp>FreeQ-Vintage 70's rock drum preset.
Verse (GNX4 drum machine) Funk 9> FreeQ Vintage 70's preset.
Bass: Axiom25 (keyboard/controller)Roland M-BD1(module)ONYX pre>FreeQ/R-n-B bass preset-panned 5-right
Guitar electric:
99 Epiphone LE Gibson Les Paul (Zack Wild EMG's)>GNX4, hybrid1 preset (rythm), MotleyCrue (lead) preset>ONYX preamp>panned -12 left.
Axiom25>Roland JV1010 (horn 56)ONYX preamp

When I polish this up I will keep the midi bass and drums unless I can get a real drummer to play it(maybe send them through different instruments) and most of the electric guitars but the rest will go as follows:

Breedlove AC25 Black Magic>Stellar RM-3 Ribbon mic (4 inches out at 12th fret)>Trident 4T preamp> panned left -30
Breedlove AC25 Black Magic>LA audio DIPmk3>GNX4 (Martin AC preset)>ONYX preamp, panned 40 Right)
(I also take a dry track off the LA DI box to use if need be and sometime take two takes to make it better stereo effect)
CAD8000>Trident pre>Digitech S-100>FreeQ -lead vocal preset.
Will take one clean track of that and do two takes of that as well.

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Quote: (TinaM @ Oct. 18 2010, 4:51 AM)

I think you've got a winner there jerm, great song! Really well put together. With a bit of work on the vocals in places youd really have something worth promoting.


I agree, I think I hit the mic a few times with my teeth while groovin',
like to shake it down on the acoustic! lol

As far as promoting... that is funny, I've had a secular page on Myspace for over a year now (OneHit)...maybe got 30 plays. tee hee

I am really picky about what I put out there, and this one is a long way from that.

but thanx for the encouragement, at least now I know it has potential. :agree:

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jerm :cool:

Did a reggae version of this,

ya man, slappin da bass man. :agree:

Corporate America

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Hi jeremysdemo:
Those are nice tracks you have… They’re well done… Did you say you have a Martin Guitar? A D-28 ???? What year/vintage is it ????


No Martin Bill, I wish.

There was two different twelve strings used in the Reggae version.

A Schecter semi hollow body electric (in the beginning), and a Takamine EF-381SC.

I know the transitions are a little lacking/choppy but I am hoping to get some better beats in there and fine tune the editing, maybe cut back the bass a bit now that I listen to it in speakers (this was mixed in headphones at like 2AM)

keep shinin

jerm :cool: