active users?

So, I looked at the stats for users a few moments ago as I was logging in to the site, and it said, 162 active users in the main forum, 82 in Music, and 45 in Anything Else. Odd.

Dunno Tom… but if I look at the “Online List” I see ‘Unblown_Jonson’ listed about a dozen times even though I just logged in and was hour ago when I LAST logged in. shrug


And now it’s back down to a reasonable number. I never saw that function before, UJ - it says someone is looking at really really old posts. That’s odd. Spam bot?

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 21 2010, 8:19 PM)

Spam bot?

That'd be my guess Tom.


Why has no one here written a song about a spam bot? “It was the bot that refused to die!”