Adagio for Strings

finally bought the New Zealand Phil. ver

I finally bought the Adagio for Strings - my favorite piece of music these days. I had a midi version but decided to buy the New Zealand Philharmonic cut.


You were listeining to a MIDI version? A MIDI version? ack. That’s all I can say.

NZSO? Naxos? Npot “Adagio chillout”?

you know, a live orchestral version really doesn’t do the MIDI version justice, to be sure.
Don’t short-change the MIDI programmer’s work.
They spent a long time getting bowing inflections just right.


Support Fake-Ass Music!

(that’s my new grass-roots campaign.
now if you’ll excuse me, I have a DEVO/Thomas Dolby marathon to get underway.)

Ya’ll do think I’m an idiot dontcha! I’ve done my job well.

The version of which I speak is from the Vienna Symphonic Library here.
Down the lower end of the list of demos - great piece of phony music! enjoy!

Hey, I already have that on my computer… from the “Platoon” soundtrack.

No, no, non, you said you got an actual real orchestra playing it, and I wondered if it was the Naxos (label) recording.

S.F.A.M.! Indeed! That’s most of my music!

The “midi” version I had was the Vienna “fake” one. I bought the New Zealand Philharmonic cut. Don’t have a clue what label it’s on.

Well, see, classical nuts always pay attention to that stuff…I suspect it’s actually the NZSO…of course real nuts listen to the Toscanini premier only…but as i recall, that sounds like listening through a tin can and string telephone. Here:

and a REAL classical nut would say that the sound quality is irrelevant, and all that matters is the performance, and it’s “Leopold” after all…

Wikipedia has a few interesting things about it:

I’m going to listen to the NPR special as soon as I can…