ADAT Sound Card

Anybody know any good ADAT optical cards

I am now looking for a new sound card with ADAT Optical inputs for recording 8 channels. I found this one but it is freekin expensive and more than i need.ADAT Card
Can anyone sugges a good card that has one optical input with ADAT?

I have a VSL2020 that had a couple of capacitors broken off during shipping to a previous buyer… I’ve yet to solder them back on. It’ll do 32 channels of ADAT (16 in/16 out) plus SPDIF/MIDI/Word Clock/and even analog stereo in/outs. 32-96khz sample rates at 24 bit. it’ll even do S/MUX for 96 khz ADAT streaming

If I solder them back on and test it in my machine would you be interested in purchasing it (assuming it works lol)? They’re around $200 used.

uhm yeah i would be fairly interested, but i would be very concerned for the capacitors and the soldering job??? I guess solder them back on & try it out see if it works. Maybe we can work something out.
Do u still have the drivers for it? and how old is the card?
BTW have you used it before with ntrack, recording from the ADAT?

You may be able to find a MOTU 2408 on ebay. It has 3 ADAT inputs (24 channels). Although new units are expensive, I’ve seen used ones on ebay for around $300. The MOTU 2408 seem to work well with n-Track. I’ve used 2 of them with n-track for over 2 years with good results.

yes I’ve used it with N-track. I have all the original packaging and everything with it still. I bought the card used, so I’m not sure how old it is, but think it was only a few months old when I got it. I wanted to go all ADAT, but I ended up keeping my Echo Layla and decided to sell the VSL2020.

The control panel for the VSL is a little akward at first, but makes sense once you realize what it’s asking :) there’s this menu on the lower right hand corner that has to be set for what you want, then the mixer panel works like you’d expect.

One thing that’s cool is the VSL is really designed to do midi instruments using another computer. you get 2 computers, link them with ADAT and 2 vsl cards, and there’s some program it comes with that routes your midi to the 2nd computer which does the midi instruments, and sends it back to the first computer as audio. frees up the processor on the first computer, and it has SUPER low buffering settings for REALLY low latency. I don’t have 2 computer or use midi instruments though so …

I’ll try and find my soldering iron this weekend and give it a shot. if all goes well, my computer will live and I can finally get my money back lol. I moved from texas to oregon and lost my soldering iron so it’s been sitting waiting for me :)

How about Marian Marc A as here

£99 in the UK. Prob aboutthe same in $

the two I see online are $249 and $299, neither looks exactly like THAT marc a though?

thanx for the links!

I resoldered the capacitors onto my card and tried it out on the computer… works fine. Is anyone interested in purchasing it?

If your still selling it for, $200? you might wana see this page

Vsl 2020

well well well. looks like another price drop… doh!!! lol. I just thoroughly tested it out on my other computer today. works like new. you’d be hard pressed to see where I even fixed it :)

well, if anyone’s interested, give me an offer, otherwise it’ll be on EBAY.

well, I’m selling it for $150 and putting it up on EBAY in a couple of hours… So if anyone wants it let me know quick.

here it is.VSL2020