Add-On Manager Crashes v9.1(Build3636)

64bit version on Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 - all up to date.

Just purchased the suite, looking for some troubleshooting / workarounds to try!

It tries to submit a bug report too, and fails.

Despite the tech issues, I’m so looking forward to the interface which still makes more sense to me than Cubase :slight_smile:


we’ve just fixed a problem in our bugs report system. It should work now.
If you still experience the crash on opening the Add-on Manager, please fill and submit the crash report so that we can better investigate the problem.


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Thanks! I’ll give it a go now. I noticed there used to be a way to access the bug tracker / submit a report. Is there a preferred way to do that now? (aside from the automatic approach)


Edit… Oh now that I was able to submit the bug report, I can see that took me to the proper way to submit a report, lol. Hope you can help! The last time I used n-track was probably 18 years ago (and I loved it back then btw - unlike pro tools, it had offline bounce, yay!), and I’m keen to give it another go on a new project soon! :pray:

Thanks for sending the crash reports. It’s a known bug we’re still working on.
Within today or at most tomorrow we’ll release a new build that should fix the crash or at least make more light on it.

When the new build will be available, please let me know if the crash still occurs.

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Thanks so much! I’ll try it out and let you know what happens.

We’ve just released a new build beta (3640). To download it go to, mark the check box “v9.1.1 Beta (Pre-release)” then download.


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That fixed it! I’m watching my purchases download now! Thanks ya’ll, I’m so glad this DAW is still so actively developed :smiley: